We sent a team of women on a photoshoot from Seattle to Whitefish, Montana via train to highlight ski and snowboard gear for the 2019 season. Coming from all different backgrounds, these ladies reminded us why we love snowboarding and skiing so much – the fun and friendships created while planning, traveling and riding together are second to none! Thank you to The Firebrand Hotel, Buffalo Café, Whitefish Bike Retreat and Whitefish Mountain Resort for helping make this trip special. 

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My roots in skiing started in South Dakota spending the day out in the Black Hills with my sister and childhood friend. For me, skiing has always been about the simple love for the sport and the refreshing joy that comes from being on the mountain. I work alongside a talented photo crew managing evo’s e-commerce and in-house lifestyle photography. Over the week, I was able to document and enjoy a group of women who work to fortify a community and pursue their love for the outdoors.


About five years ago, I moved from Las Vegas to the amazing city of Seattle. Right out of the gate, I made the great outdoors a priority and soon after I started spending every moment I could on the mountain. I’m so thankful to have been a part of this memorable trip and lucky to have had such an awesome group of women to share my passion for snowboarding with.


After having spent half the year in Puerto Rico, I was ready to trade in my snowboard to keep surfing through the winter. This trip came into fruition and instead, I got to experience big mountain riding and the endless lines of Whitefish. I have been riding for nearly a decade but love the opportunity to progress with such an incredible crew.


Growing up, my parents ran the ski bus for the Olympia Ski School and because of this, I started skiing when I was four years old. Now I work as a Marketing Manager at evo and had the opportunity to put this trip together. With this being our first big shoot outside of Washington, it was great to have such an easy-going group to experience it with.


The most defining force in my life has always been skiing. I grew up in a resort town and started skiing when I was three years old. Now I work as a Senior Scientist and Microbiologist at Fremont Brewing and spend the weekends coaching freeride skiing. Traveling to Whitefish with Mish, Jeanette and the evo lady crew was incredible and I loved experiencing new terrain in such a gorgeous place.

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