Tamara Jones

Strathmore, AB
Pro Division
Is this your first WOF? If not, when did you come out for the first time?
My first year competing was back in 2009 at Wheels of Fortune 1. This year will be my second year competing in the Pro division.
What's a highlight or favorite memory from years past?
My favorite part about the contest is getting to skate and compete with girls from all around the globe. I don't have many girl friends to skate with in Alberta, so I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in years and to make new ones.
What part of WOF are you looking forward to most?
I can't wait to skate the course and to be inspired by all the upcoming girls that skate these days.
What are your favorite products or brands that support women's skateboarding?
Meow Skateboards has definitely motivated me to be a better skateboarder. A company run and skated by women is very inspiring - girl power !