Gina Lee

Athlete Relations

Photos by Troy Nebeker

How long have you been involved with Wheels of Fortune?
I first heard and worked with WOF since 2014. Since then, I’ve seen it grow into an internationally recognized event. So amazing to see!

What's your role this year?
This year I'm helping with athlete accommodations. WOF started as deeply community-oriented, where volunteers offered any and all support needed. Including helping athletes and friends from afar, with local places to crash for the weekend.

Are you competing on Sunday?
Possibly! It may ultimately depend on how wrecked I am from witch hunt on Saturday.

What are you most excited about for this year?
Seeing everyone come out to Seattle to skate! I began to call WOF skate Christmas, because it's the best time of the year. I grew up skating as the only girl at my schools and at the parks. For years I very much believed we were a rare breed scattered throughout the world. So never would I have imagined an event so magnetic as WOF. The sheer volume of women, gender fluid folx, and identities at WOF, blows my mind -- It's inspiring. They're all skating their best and everyone's so happy to bear witness to each other. It makes my teenage heart weep with joy.