Deej Redouble

Photos by Troy Nebeker
When did you first make it out to WOF?
I think it was WOF7 was the first one I made it out to and I was blown away. I competed in the intermediate division and got second place. I was so stoked on the whole event and couldn't wait for next year. 

Why did you initially come?
The idea of that many womxn skaters in one place! I had always wanted to check out Seattle and this awesome looking competition looked like the perfect way to do it. 

Then you moved to Seatle?
After the competition, I decided I wanted to move Seattle and be of this skate scene out here. I moved out later that summer with a buddy of mine and despite almost losing it from all the one ways downtown -- got situated and settled in. That was four years ago and even though I still refuse to drive downtown, it's been awesome living in Seattle. 

What are you most excited about this year?
For me, It's always about the people. I'm stoked to skate with everyone I've met in past years and skate alongside the pros again.