Minna Stess

Petaluma, CA
Advanced Division
What do you plan to participate in?
I’m planning on having fun Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Queen of the Road!  And I’m skating in the advanced division.
Is this your first WOF? If not, when did you come out for the first time?
This is not my first WOF. I have been coming to WOF every year since I was  8, so  2014. WOF5 I think, right?
What's a highlight or favorite memory from years past?
My favorite memory was during QOTR when Hannah Tallman skitched on our team’s car into the McDonald’s drive thru and then grabbed the ice cream cone by the top from the lady at the window who was trying to hand it to our car window. She skated away while shoving it in her mouth. It was awesome and the lady in McDonald’s was totally confused. It was so funny.
What part of WOF are you looking forward to most?
Queen of the Road! But I love the whole weekend.
What are your favorite products or brands that support women's skateboarding?
I like seeing more and more companies backing females. I love my sponsors. Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Vans, Girl is Not a Four Letter Word, Sonoma Old School Skateshop, 187 Killer Pads, Merge 4 Socks. I really like the graphics that Meow Skateboards does for Vanessa’s boards. Vanessa’s are my favorites.