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evoAcademy Backcountry Essentials Course

We’ve teamed up with Altus Mountain Guides to create the online evoAcademy Backcountry Essentials Course just for our customers. The full course consists of more than 2 hours of video lessons covering core backcountry skills. Lessons are available on demand, so you’ll be able to boost your backcountry know-how on your own schedule.

How to Get Free Access

Just buy any winter gear at evo through Monday, March 1, 2021. We’ll then email you a unique coupon code to use at checkout that’ll give you two months of free access to the course, an $89 value.

Full Course Outline

• Introduction
Learning Journey
Skis, Skins, Boots & Bindings
What's in Your Pack
+ Knowledge Check Quiz
Avalanche Types
Avalanche Terrain
Snowpack Layering
Avalanche Sizes
+ Knowledge Check Quiz
Weather Forecast
Avalanche Bulletin
Knowledge Check Quiz
Touring Basics
Trailhead Procedures
Track Setting
Skinning Techniques
+ Knowledge Check Quiz
Assessing Terrain
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Weather Factors
Group Management
Skiing Down
+ Knowledge Check Quiz
+ Knowledge Check Quiz
Next Steps Recap

Course Previews

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Backcountry 

Backcountry skiing and snowboarding involve the physical challenge of exploring mountains combined with an understanding of gear requirements and avalanche hazard. This course covers the basics of safe backcountry travel.

Video Preview: The Learning Journey

Chapter 2: Getting Ready 

In order to travel safely in the backcountry, you’ll need to select the right gear and know how to use it properly. With backcountry skiing and riding, the gear requirements can be very different depending on the terrain. This chapter introduces the equipment you’ll need to adventure safely.

Video Preview: Layering for the Backcountry

Chapter 3: Avalanche Theory 

In this chapter, we cover the science behind the nature and formation of avalanches. It’s essential information for anyone looking to further their avalanche training as well as develop an understanding of how and why avalanches happen. In addition, we’ll help you understand the avalanche bulletin. We cover common terminology and the role weather plays in avalanche forecasting. 

Video Preview: Avalanche Theory Introduction

Chapter 4: Conditions

Understanding current mountain conditions is a critical part of safe backcountry exploration. It’s important to be aware of how the weather–past, present and future–will impact the avalanche hazard and your travel plans. This lesson will get you up to speed on the dynamic process of understanding mountain conditions.

Video Preview: Weather Forecasting

Chapter 5: Touring Basics

In this chapter, we cover pre-trip planning, trailhead procedures, information-gathering ideas, and how to apply and reconfirm in the field. We also cover some in-field instruction such as navigation basics, how to set a skin track and how to transition from uphill to downhill travel. Think of this chapter as your user manual to backcountry travel.  

Video Previews: Track Setting & Skinning Tecniques

Chapter 6: Traveling in Avalanche Terrain 

When you travel in the backcountry, it’s essential that you understand the mountain terrain, and how it relates to avalanche hazard. This lesson explains how terrain plays an integral role in avalanches, and how we can use good terrain management to stay safe in the mountains.

Video Preview: Traveing in Avalanche Terrain Overview

Chapter 7: Companion Rescue 

Avalanche rescue, also known as companion rescue, is a critical skill for backcountry exploration. This lesson covers the step-by-step process for performing a successful rescue. We also demonstrate how to use each piece of your rescue equipment.

Video Preview: Group Companion Rescue

Chapter 8: Next Steps 

While this course has provided an introduction to the basics of safe backcountry travel, you’ll want to make your learning an ongoing process. This final lesson provides suggestions for continuing your backcountry education.

Video Preview: Next Steps Overview

Experience you Can Trust

Altus Mountain Guides is a team of certified ACMG and IFMGA mountain guides with experience instructing and guiding all around the world. From their base in Squamish, BC they are committed to delivering high-quality education for exceptional mountain experiences.

Meet Your Instructor: Christine Feleki

ACMG Apprentice Snowboard Guide, ACMG Hiking Guide Based in Squamish, BC, Christine is one of the hardest working women in the industry. An apprentice hiking guide in summers and Canada’s first woman to be certified as a snowboard guide; no matter the season she is teaching safe backcountry travel. Christine is ahead of her game in so many ways. Behind her friendly smile lies a calculated and driven mind that will get you to the goods without sacrificing a good time. Her passion for sharing the mountains with other inspired women is only outmatched by her ability to out-ride most of the guys out there. Whether you’re new or old to the touring world, she has so much to offer. @christinefeleki

Meet Your Instructor: Ross Berg

IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide Born in Red Deer, Alberta, Ross discovered the mountains as a teenager visiting Western Canada's best winter destinations as a sponsored snowboarder. At the age of 16 he was introduced to rock climbing through a local Whistler guide. This experience completely captivated him and opened his eyes to the huge potential the mountains present. In the following years, he completed his certification as an International Mountain Guide. Currently based in Whistler, BC, Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli-ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer. @ross_berg_