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Somewhere along the line, the bike world realized that over 1/3 of the roads in the US are unpaved--that's 1,400,000 miles of dirt and gravel, just waiting to be explored. Santa Cruz's Stigmata and the all new Juliana Quincy are bikes that are made for heading out on rides with no boundaries. They're more comfortable than their cyclocross racing predecessors, quicker than any mountain bike, and way more fun than their drop bars indicate. 

So throw a leg over one of these carbon masterpieces and set out on a ride. Turn your GPS off, grab an extra banana, and see what's around the next bend!


A cyclocross bike that seems to expand its skillset with each design iteration, the Stigmata throws up clouds of dust at every turn. A gravel grinder, a monstercrosser, and the best shortcutter on the daily commute, this is a bike that takes all your drop bar genres, throws them in a carbon fiber blender, and strains out all the best parts. With options for 700c or 650b wheels--and clearance for large tires in either size--it's ready to tackle blown out dirt roads, pothole-ridden city streets, and forgotten fire road climbs.

  • CC Carbon 
  • 700c or 650b Wheels
  • Clearance for 45mm / 2.1" Tires
  • 12mm Thru-Axles
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm Rotors
  • Dropper Post and Fender-Ready
  • 3 Water Bottle Mounts
  • Available with SRAM Red eTap AXS Wireless Drivetrain


As the first drop bar bike from Juliana, the Quincy has a lot riding on it--luckily it's up to the task: made from their famous CC level carbon, it's a smooth-riding steed that won't back down from a heavy ride on any surface. It'll accommodate 700c wheels up to 45mm wide, or high-volume 650b's at 2.1". With large 12mm thru-axles, a responsive front end, and a compliant tail, it delivers unflinching support where you want it and forgiveness where it's crucial. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes and a build with SRAM's wireless AXS drivetrain put this bike securely at the top of the gravel pile, regardless of the intended rider's gender. There are a zillion surfaces out there--gravel, dirt, asphalt, yogurt--go ride them all!