Purchasing a mountain bike is an investment. It's a fine-tuned machine that opens the door to a whole new frontier of fun and adventure, but the barrier to entry can be both steep and difficult to understand, especially when prices vary so greatly. evo carries a wide selection of quality mountain bikes, but what really is the difference between a $1500 bike and an $8000 bike? We've selected some of our favorite bikes across the spectrum and grouped them into buckets in order to help you make a decision - whether you're just getting into riding or want to saddle up the absolute best the mountain bike industry has to offer.

This price range Features:
  • Durable aluminum frames and some carbon frames, too!
  • 1x11 and 2x10 drivetrains
  • Performance suspension with limited adjustment
  • Dropper seatposts on most bikes, some with internally routed cables
  • Entry-level hydraulic disc brakes

This price range Features:
  • Lightweight, responsive carbon and aluminum frame offerings
  • Modern 1x11 and 1x12 drivetrains
  • High performance suspension with adjustable rebound and compression
  • Dropper seatposts on all bikes, most with internally routed cables
  • Performance hydraulic disc brakes

This price range Features:
  • Super lightweight, responsive, next-gen carbon frames
  • Pinnacle 1x drivetrains
  • Premium, highly customizable suspension
  • Dropper seatposts with internally routed cables
  • High end aluminum and carbon wheelsets
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with customizable modulation and reach

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