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2025 Fox Shox Forks & Dampers:

By: David Hewat – Digital Content Editor  | Updated May 29th, 2024

From Revolution to Evolution

A new era of Fox suspension has arrived, powered by the next generation of GRIP dampers. Fox has drawn on 50 years of innovation and development to refresh their damper lineup, providing riders with more options and squeezing every ounce of performance out of their award-winning fork chassis. The new dampers deliver improved traction, easier setup, and greater control at speed for pedal-to-the-metal performance on every trail.

The Next Generation of GRIP

With an already dialed chassis and air spring to work with, Fox turned to their dampers to further optimize fork performance. The lineup features three new dampers engineered from the ground up: the descent-focused GRIP X2, the trail-tuned GRIP X, and the XC-ready GRIP SL

Together, they represent an evolution of Fox's award-winning GRIP architecture. The new lineup gives riders more choice and a clearer path to find the right damper for their needs. Incremental design improvements lead to tangible on-trail benefits, delivering support where it's needed while cutting weight and eliminating complexity for point and shoot rideability. With improved traction and sensitivity across the whole collection, riders can hit the trail with more confidence than ever.

Check out the video and guide below to learn more about the new Fox dampers.

2025 Fox Shox Dampers Explained

GRIP X2 damper


GRIP X2 unlocks a new level of traction, control, and tunability for riders focused on optimizing downhill performance. A natural evolution of the award-winning GRIP 2, GRIP X2 increases the number of valves from 7 to 23 for greater precision and tunability, along with a larger 24mm base valve for improved sensitivity. The result is an ultra supportive, ultra responsive platform that keeps your wheel glued to the ground for unreal traction on the jankiest trails. With 4-way adjustability, GRIP X2 gives you the tools you need to get the most out of every ride.

Adjustments: High / Low Speed Compression, High / Low Speed Rebound
Used For: Trail, Enduro, Downhill
Available On: Fox 34 / 36 / 38 / 40

GRIP X damper


Engineered for zero-compromise all-mountain performance, GRIP X is aimed squarely at the modern trail rider. It delivers comparable traction, predictability, and downhill smashability as the more descent-focused GRIP X2, while shaving 120g off the overall weight with 3-way adjustment for easier set up and trail functionality. An easy access Firm Mode provides a steady, efficient pedaling platform, putting you in full control whether you're busting a lung on the climb or slapping berms on the descent.

Adjustments: High / Low Speed Compression, Rebound
Used For: Trail
Available On: Fox 34 / 36 / 38

GRIP SL damper


In the world of endurance racing, every gram counts. Fox engineered GRIP SL for the lowest possible weight while keeping up with the ever increasing demands of modern XC racing. With Lockout engaged, GRIP SL provides an efficient pedaling platform with a smooth blowoff when you hit a bump, reducing fatigue and conserving rider energy. In Middle or Open mode, riders can count on a supple stroke in the early stages of travel with optimized pedal-to-bump efficiency.

Adjustments: 3-Position Firm / Middle / Open Mode
Used For: XC
Available On: Fox 32TC / 32SC / 34SC

How to Choose a Fork

Choosing a fork is all about finding the right chassis and damper for your riding style, terrain, and setup needs. Check out the video and guide below to learn how to choose the right fork for you.

2025 Fox Shox Forks Explained


Fox's naming convention makes it simple to pick a fork chassis. The numbers in the product names (32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40) refer to the stanchion diameter in millimeters, which helps determine stiffness and weight. In general, the more aggressive your riding, the bigger your fork should be. 

XC / Downcountry
For XC and Downcountry riding with more pedaling than outright descending, a Fox 32 or 34 offers the best compromise between stiffness and weight. These forks are light and snappy for all day epics on rolling terrain, with enough torsional strength to handle the occasional chunky section.

For everyday Trail riding, you can opt for a Fox 34, 36, or 38 depending on riding style and terrain. For smoother trails with a healthy mix of climbing and descending, a Fox 34 would be appropriate, while aggressive riders tackling steep, rowdy trails may prefer the stiffer, more powerful Fox 38. The Fox 36 represents a highly versatile middle ground, providing a capable platform for trails of every flavor.

Long travel enduro bikes are often outfitted with the Fox 38, which provides a stout, confidence-inducing platform for heavy hitting trails. This will be the right choice for most enduro bikes, although lighter, less aggressive riders may get along just fine with the Fox 36.

For Downhill riding, look no further than the Fox 40. This dual crown beast offers the stiffest, burliest platform for long, rowdy descents and big hits at the bike park.



Choosing between the GRIP X2, GRIP X, and GRIP SL dampers comes down to individual rider preference on tunability, descending performance, and weight. 

This descent-focused damper is ideal for riders who like to fine tune every aspect of their setup. 4-way adjustability allows you to optimize your ride according to riding style and terrain, with high and low speed rebound as well as high and low speed compression. It comes with a slight weight penalty over GRIP X, but that's a small price to pay for riders seeking the best possible downhill performance.

This trail-tuned damper is lighter and easier to set up while maintaining excellent downhill performance.. We tested GRIP X outside Fox HQ in Scotts Valley, California and were impressed with the level of traction and support provided. It delivers a smooth, plush feeling ride through varied terrain, and we love having easy access to Firm Mode when its time to climb. This damper is a great choice for trail riders who don't need to tinker with every single adjustment, but aren't willing to compromise on performance.

This damper is for the XC crowd. Only available on short-travel 100mm and 120mm forks, GRIP SL provides the most efficient performance at the lightest weight for riders hammering the pedals or racing the clock.