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Going bigger and faster will always have allure. By re-visiting many of their most popular all-mountain models, bike makers are meeting the demands of the quickly growing enduro and freeride segment by blending playful, maneuverable and most importantly, pedal-able designs with better downhill capability thanks to technical yet subtle tweaks to geometries and suspension systems. Where 160mm used to be the "ceiling" on most all-mountain offerings, we now see a new wave of 170mm rigs, along with increases in travel across many of the most popular trail and all-mountain bikes out there.

170mm All-Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz Nomad (170mm front)
Devinci Spartan (170mm front, up from 160)
Transition Patrol (170mm front, up from 160)
Giant Reign SX (170mm front)

Updated Long-Travel Trail Bikes

Yeti SB5 LR (160mm front, up from 150)
Devinci Troy LT (160mm front, up from 150)
Santa Cruz Hightower LT (150mm front, up from 140)
Transition Scout (150mm front, up from 140)
Transition Smuggler (140mm front, up from 130)
Devinci Django (140mm front, up from 130)

More Travel, Less Worries
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Not Your Dad's 29er...

It's time to put your perceptions of old-school 29ers to rest and experience the rolling revolution for yourself. 29ers are more prominent than ever before, with a quickly growing segment of aggressively skewed 29ers like the Evil Wreckoning, Santa Cruz Hightower LT, Transition Sentinel, and Yeti SB5.5 pushing the limits of what is possible on a trail bike. These longer and more aggressive monster trucks are extremely fast, stupendously stable, and shockingly responsive - just keep those wheels spinning! Swing your leg over one of these new era 29ers and tell your riding buddies they can meet you back at the truck...

29 / 27.5+

If anything productive has come from the seemingly endless debate over optimal wheel size, it's that both 29-inch wheels AND plus-size wheels offer legit benefits. So why not settle for a bike that can handle both? Santa Cruz and Devinci offer bikes with the capability to swap between these two wheel types, along with Santa Cruz sister brand Juliana.

The big question now is, 27.5+ or 29?

If straightline speed, brapping through rock gardens, and accelerating out of turns is your thing, then opt for 29" wheels. If you want better traction on wet rocks, muddy roots and sandy berms, then run 27.5+ wheels. Whether you travel a lot and experience extremely varied terrain and conditions, or simply want the ability to try both wheel platforms, these bikes can quickly and easily adapt to best suit your local trails and riding conditions.

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