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Together, We Raised $15,750 for Alpine Initiatives’ Canary Club.

When we launched a limited-edition ARV 116 JJ UL ski paying tribute to the memory and mission of JP Auclair, we wouldn’t have guessed that it’d sell out in just two days. But it did. We think it’s an amazing example of the positive impact the evo community can make when we rally for a good cause. We’ll be giving 100% of the profits from these skis to Alpine Initiatives’ Canary Club, a program that’s dedicated to helping young people safely experience the backcountry. Our donation will go toward expanding the Canary’s Club programming to two new communities.

Unplug; go out in the mountains, cherish the moments and appreciate. Let the soul rejuvenate. It is much needed.
—JP Auclair

About JP and Alpine Initiatives

JP Auclair was a professional Canadian skier who helped pave the way for modern freestyle skiing. He was also a co-founder of Armada Skis, artist and good friend of evo. Tragically, he passed away in an avalanche in September of 2014. Six years before the accident, JP founded Alpine Initiatives, a non-profit committed to creating more connected and sustainable mountain communities.

Canary Sticker Pack

The skis may have sold out, but you can still get the graphic. Show your support for JP’s legacy and Alpine Initiatives by sticking colorful canaries on all your gear.

The Bird

During the shooting of the 2011 Sherpas Cinema film, All.I.Can, JP and director David Mossop were obsessed with the work of graffiti artist, Banksy. Deciding to incorporate art into JP’s street segment, they searched through JP’s journal until they landed on his canary drawing. They enlarged it at a local copy shop and then, dressed all in black, pasted it on a wall in the town of Trail, BC late one night. After JP’s passing, the canary has become a symbol representing his legacy. To us, it conveys many of the positive attributes JP shared with the world: hope, freedom, creativity, innovation, imagination, positivity and so much more. We think it’s a good bird.

The big yellow bird—Dave and I put it up. We were all nervous about it, like, I hope they either don't mind or don't know it's us. The next day people walking by were like, ‘Nice bird, guys.
- JP Auclair