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Here at evo, we have a wide range of denim that has been chosen based on trends and season. The selection reflects our urban, active lifestyle and changes based on the latest fashion trends. Regardless of cut, our denim choices are made to keep you comfortable and looking great at all times. We have one of the largest selections of jeans and pants on the web, and a super knowledgeable staff to help you make an informed decision.

Ladies, we have a women's specific fit guide, too: Women's Denim Fit Guide

Slim Fit  

Slim fit pants sit low on the waist, have a narrow fit
through the thigh and taper slightly from knee to ankle,
with a leg opening generally around 16 inches or less.   
If you want to look fashion forward but still feel
comfortable, this is your fit. 

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Straight Fit

Straight fit jeans have a roomier fit through the seat and
thigh and generally have little to no taper from knee to
ankle.This simple and classic cut is very versatile and a
good go-to jean which will look good on many body

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Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit jeans sit low at the waist and have a loose    
fit through the seat and thigh.  They generally do not
taper from knee to ankle and usually have a leg
opening of around 17", giving you plenty of room for
movement without being overly baggy.

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Jogger Fit

The jogger fit is a newer, more urban trend. With a
relaxed fit through seat and thigh, similar to sweatpants,
these are extremely comfortable. Joggers usually
feature taper from knee to ankle and cinch at the ankle,

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Denim Specifics

Selvedge - Selvedge denim isn't actually a type of denim (even though many titles include this term), but instead the name for the edge of the fabric as it comes from the loom. These edges are woven or knit so that they don't fray or ravel. This denim can only be made using a specific shuttle loom and is generally a little bit more expensive.

Raw (Dry) - Raw denim is not washed after having been dyed. This gives it a dark, crisper feel and allows you to wear it in how you would like to. The longer you abstain from washing your denim, the darker your pants will stay. Some people never wash their jeans.

Denim Weight - Denim also varies in weight, which indicates how forgiving the actual fabric will be. Higher weights are generally stiffer, thicker, last longer, hold their dye/color better and and are warmer than light weight denim, which is easier-wearing and better for milder temps.

Sanforization and Wash - Most denim is sanforized, a process that reduces shrinkage after your first pass through the machine. We do not carry any unsaforized denim, but it is usually clealy marked as such, or as "Shrink to Fit." Most denim that isn't raw is washed to some degree after the dying process, often with stones, skate wheels, or other objects that impart the fabric with a distressed, softer, lived-in look or feel.

Care - Unless the tag specifies alternative care instructions, we recommend washing your denim inside-out in cold water with like colors to avoid fading and color transfer. Hang dry to prevent shrinking and fabric break down.

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