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Connelly Wakesurf Size Chart - 2022

 Model Length Rider Weight (lbs)
AK4'6"Up to 170
Baja4'10"One size fits all
Bentley4'4"Up to 180
Bentley4'9"Up to 200
Bentley5'180 and Up
Benz4'4"Up to 180
Benz4'8"Up to 200
Benz4'11"180 and Up
Big Easy5'6"One size fits all
Lil' Easy4'6"Up to 160
Cuda4'8"Up to 200
Cuda5'Up to 180
Dash4'4"Up to 125
Habit48"Up to 190
Habit52"140 and Up
Habit56"160 and Up
Jet4'7"Up to 200
Jet4'10"180 and Up
Katana4'7"Up to 200
Katana4'10"180 and Up
Laguna4'6"One size fits all
Fishbone4'9"One size fits all
Ono4'10"Up to 200
Ono5'3"180 and Up
Ride5'2"One size fits all
Tracer52Up to 160
Tracer55Up to 180
Tracer58180 and Up