Pieps DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon

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Pieps - DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon
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The Pieps DSP PRO Avalanche Beacon is an amazing piece of equipment. It is absolutely loaded with features for a quicker, more precise search and rescue operation in the case of an avalanche. An industry leading 60 meter digital range, Intelligent Transmitter technology and an incredibly accurate 3 antenna search with multiple burial mark and scan capability, the DSP PRO is the beacon you want in the case of a slide.

Product Details


Digital display with distance, direction and battery indications

Search Features

3rd AntennaThe large range of the third antenna guarantees exact pinpointing and fine search.

Circular Receiving RangeMaximum digital range of 60 m means the first signal is received as early as possible.

Search Strip Width55 meters, without turning and rotating.

Intelligent TransmitterAuto-antenna-switch, signal adjustment, iPROBE support

Auto-antenna switchA disorder of the transmit antenna (due to other electronic devices or metal in close proximity) will result in an automatic switching to the other antenna.

Signal AdjustmentA buried DSP PRO recognizes another device buried nearby, and sets the transmitted signal into the signal break of the other device to keep the two signals separated. This makes if possible for both devices to be found more easily.

iPROBE SupportThe DSP PRO can be deactivated by the electronic probe iPROBE. The receiver automatically indicates the next strongest signal.

MARK functionFor the best support in multiple burials: once a transceiver is located it can be "marked" and the next signal is indicated on the display immediately. (Max. 4 Senders)

SCAN functionGives an overview of all the buried devices within the detectable range.

Old device modeOlder transceivers have a continuous signal included that negatively affects the MARK function. The DSP PRO recognizes such a device and indicates it with a flashing victim symbol, enabling the rescuer to respond correctly.

The reliable direction and distance indication leads directly to the vicinity of the transmitter.

Transceivers transmitting at the edge of the standard EN300718 frequency are not at a disadvantage with the DSP PRO.


3 BatteriesAlkaline AAA, IEC-LR03, 1.5V

Battery LifetimeMinimum 200 hours in send mode


115 X 74 X 27 mm

Additional Features

Unique Self CheckAll major functions, including transmitting frequency, all antennas, amplifiers, processors and batteries, are tested during power-on.

Transmission frequency457 kHz (EN300718)

Earphone SocketStereo earphone, 3.5mm, mind. 32 ohms

Frequency MeasurementThe frequency of all other beacons can be checked. The deviation from standardized frequency 457 kHz is indicated. The shown number is the deviation in Hz and the arrows indicate + (right) or - (left).

TX600 supportThe Pieps TX600 is a mini-transmitter for dogs and equipment that is transmitting out of the standard EN300718 457kHz frequency but can be received with the DSP PRO.

InclinometerThe slope's angle can be checked reliably with the integrated inclinometer.

Motion SensorFor inclinometer and optimized power supply

Software updatesCheck for, and update to the latest firmware on your own PC or MAC.

-20C to +45C Temperature Range

Beacons Require TrainingWearing an avalanche beacon is no guarantee of safety in avalanche terrain. We recommend that backcountry travelers take an AIARE Level One class or the equivalent, and practice the skills they learn there regularly with their partners.


  • Weight (g): 200
  • Warranty: 2 Years More 



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