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Alpine Lakes High Camp

Alpine Lakes High Camp offers a diversity of terrain for the beginner to the advanced backcountry skier. The epic tree skiing and cut glades around the lodge allows for up to 1500ft of descent on slopes of up to 40 degrees. This gives multiple options for awesome storm skiing even when the avalanche hazard is high. Runs like Heart Stopper, Wild Bill, Side Burn and Big Rock Bowl are right outside your cabin door and allow for an easy access back to the camp.

For the more adventurous skier, High Camp is located at border of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and allows for a quick cat bump to put you into position to enter into the Chiwaukum Range which boast peaks up to 8000ft. Multiple ski lines of over 1500ft can be accessed from Tamarack Point at 6935ft, dropping you into the basin on Lake Julius.