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2023 Salomon Echo Dual Boa Review

By: Kevin 'Big Kat' Katsafanas, Buyer | August 22, 2022

2023 Salomon Echo Snowboard Boots

The Lowdown

New for 2022/2023, the Salomon Echo comes into the line as their new high performance mid flex all mountain boot, and as the muse for Salomon's continued efforts to implement recycled materials and make their line as sustainable as possible. It also immediately gives off the impression that it's built to last. Finally, Salomon did not compromise on fit or comfort either, building a boot that is highly customizable and free of pressure points.

As I slipped on the Echo for the first time it was immediately clear that this is a super solid and comfortable boot that would outlast anything I had used in the past. A perfect medium/stiff flex makes this the ideal option for everyday riding.

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Technical Details

The Echo uses all of Salamon's top of the line technologies. Its technical construction implements many sustainable materials through the Ortholite insole, Thinsulate liner, and Fuze Surge midsole. The new MTN Goat outsole has been brought over and adapted from Salomon's footwear division, and Boa provides the lacing system with the H4 coiler and TX lacing for on-the-fly customization and a smooth, pressure point-free flex.

Diving into how all that technology packages up to the boot, we find a boot that puts durability first. The reinforced toe and heel keep the boot's shape as it breaks in. The boot's upper implements rubber and synthetic materials that add to the durable and long lasting feel. The precision liner is anatomically designed to fit many foot shapes and the internal harness provides immense support for a locked-in feel at all times.

Sizes (cm) 7 - 13.5
FlexReponsive (Medium-Stiff)
WidthRegular and Wide
Weight  1230g (Size 9)

Ride Impressions

I commend Salomon for finding a perfect balance between, flex, feel, and durability. I'm not the lightest rider out there and prefer a medium flex so I struggle to find boots that can retain their flex and feel for even an entire season before they blow out. When slipping into the Echo for the first time I could feel that it had durability in mind. It’s not the lightest boot on the market but not overly heavy by any means. The outsole has tons of grip and was just stiff enough to absorb impacts from variable conditions, but still gave plenty of board feel. I had no break-in issues, and about halfway through my first day on the boots I could feel the liner molding to my foot and any small pressure-points went away. I got about 12 days in on the Echo and the boot looks and rides almost the same as it did when it came out of the box.

I did get one splitboard day on the Echos, too. While not being splitboard specific, I found them plenty comfortable for uphill travel. I love having Boa for this, as I can just loosen the dials while going up and then tighten them down for the ride.

What I appreciate most about the Echos are the outsoles. They're stiff and stable while retaining tons of board feel. This comes to life on hill when all my inputs translate to the board immediately for darting around the hill with lightning-quick reaction times. The majority of the riding I did on the Echos was at Snoqualmie, half in the park and half in my favorite zone of the resort with great groomers and plenty of side hits. Whether making adjustments coming into jumps and rails or scooting across the groomer to find a side hit, everything felt super quick and responsive.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Durability - I know this boot will last for seasons to come.
  • Outsole - A perfect complement of stiffness and board feel.
  • Boa TX Lacing - All the benefits of Boa while eliminating pressure points.


  • Weight - It's not the lightest boot on the market.
  • Medium Flex - Perfect for what I look for but some advanced riders may find this a bit soft for their liking.
  • Price - These high tech materials are spendier.

Who Are They For?

Built for the rider who wants high end materials in a medium flexing package. Perfect for the all mountain rider. Your feet are arguably the most important part of your riding setup. If you want a boot that breaks in fast but will keeps its flex and feel for seasons to come, the Salomon Echo is the boot for you.

The Bottom Line

You made it to the end! The Echo is the boot for the all mountain rider that doesn’t want to think about their feet hurting or their boot falling apart. No compromise in material or construction. A perfect medium flex that will support you across the whole mountain. You can ride different boards and bindings but boots are the thing you don’t want to mess with. Set it and forget it, grab a pair of these!

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From the Brand

The Echo Dual BOA® boot embodies all-mountain versatility in our most sustainable design. Built on a supportive upper with Dual Zone BOA®, the Echo provides superior comfort and response in a wide range of conditions and terrain. From top-down and inside-out, Echo utilizes innovate eco-friendly materials for support, comfort, and durability.

2023 Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots

About the Reviewer

Name: Kevin Katsafanas
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 200 lbs
Size Reviewed: 8.5
Location: Snoqualmie Pass
Bindings: Union Atlas
Snowboard: Salomon Highpath
Riding Style: Go medium! Pow when I can find it, always looking for a good side hit!

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