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Kokopelli's Mountain Bike Trail Guide

The Kokopelli trails outside of Fruita have some of the most awesome mountain bike trails anywhere on the planet. This is western Colorado desert riding at its very best. The exposure (AKA sheer cliffs) of some of the ridgeline trails is reminiscent of the rim trails in Moab, offering plenty of leg dangling photo ops. The riding is just as good as the views, too. There is some great flow mixed in with the technically challenging ridge rides. Trails like Moore Fun and Horsethief Bench are not to be missed on a trip to Fruita. Three main “loops” make up the backbone of the trail system, and are used to access the awesome segments of trail and make longer riders at the Kokopelli mountain bike trails in Fruita. Additionally, the Kokopelli trail itself stretches all the way from Fruita to Moab, for 140 miles of adventurous riding.
 Total  Trails 26 DifficultyBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
 Total Distance 49 miles Style XC, All-Mountain
Kokopellis mountain bike trails

Trails & Map

Kokopelli's Trail on

evo's Favorite Trails

Moore Fun
Advanced/expert | 5 Miles | 993' Climb | 1,217' Descent (West to East)

Moore Fun is a very challenging technical trail that will test the skills of even the best mountain bikers. The trail has more descending when ridden west to east. It is rocky and technical throughout, making riding all of Moore Fun cleanly a serious challenge. The exposure and views from the ridge are top notch. Moore fun is one of the Fruita area’s best mountain bike trails.

Mack Ridge
Advanced| 3 Miles | 669' Climb | 400' Descent (East to West)

Mack Ridge is another impressive ridgeline trail with big views, sheer cliffs, and some fun riding. Mack Ridge also has some technical sections, including a hike-a-bike section, and tight turns. Overall, Mack Ridge is a little bit less technically challenging than Moore Fun.

Mary's Loop
Intermediate | 5.6 Miles | 651' Climb | 429' Descent (East to West)

Mary’s is one of the main loops that connects many of the awesome trails at Kokopelli’s. Chances are riders will end up on one portion or another of Mary’s at some point in a ride here. The first rocky dirt road climb isn’t super fun, but it accesses the goods rather quickly. While Mary’s trail has nice scenery and technical hits throughout, it is mostly used to access trails like Horsethief Bench and Moore Fun.

Horsethief Bench
Intermediate | 4 Miles | 690' Climb/Descent

Beautiful views and fun riding make Horsethief is one of the most well known mountain bike trails at the Kokopelli trails, and all of Fruita. There is a super technical and challenging entrance down large steep rocks. Ride it if you dare, or walk your bike down to the intermediate loop. The Horsethief Bench loop is best ridden clockwise. After the initial technical section, the trail is mostly smooth and flowy singletrack with a couple technical bits, like rock rolls, drops, and rocky climbs. The trail has amazing views down to the Colorado River below. Intermediate riders will likely do some walking, but the flowy parts of the trail and the unreal views are worth it.  

Lion's Loop
Intermediate/Advanced | 5.1 Miles | 651' Climb | 749 Descent (East to West)

The Lion’s Loop is one of the other main loops at Kokopelli’s, in addition to Mary’s. Lions Loop begins at the northwestern access point to the trail system, meets up with Mack RIdge, and runs into Mary’s Loop. The trails has a combination of old roads, doubletrack, and singletrack. There are some tricky technical sections throughout. Lion’s Loop is typically used to make rides on trails like Mack Ridge and Troy Built.  
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Common Routes & Rides

Mary's to Horsethief
 Total Distance 7 Miles DifficultyIntermediate & Advanced
 Elevation Gain 1,172' StyleXC, All-Mountain
 RouteMary's → Horsethief → Wrangler Options Descend Mary's back to the trailhead (Intermediate)
Ridgeline Loop
 Total Distance 16.5 Miles Difficulty Advanced/Expert
 Elevation Gain 2,000' Style XC, All-Mountain
Route Moore Fun →  Mary's →  Lion's →  Mack Ridge TrailheadMoore Fun & Mack Ridge Junction 

How to Get to Kokopelli's: Parking & Directions

The Kokopelli’s mountain bike trail system is located between the small towns of Mack and Loma, just outside of Fruita. Driving from Fruita takes about 10 minutes, taking exit 15 off of I-70. The main parking area has the easiest access to Horsethief Bench trail, There are a couple more parking areas farther up Hawkeye road, too.
Google Maps Directions  
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Because Fruita sees very little snow, the mountain bike trails at Kokopellis are rideable for most of the year. Conditions can be windy and cold, however, and snowstorms can come through at any time. In the summer the trails can be very hot especially with the little shade available.
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