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Transition Bikes Mountain Bikes

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About Transition Bicycle Company

Transition Bikes is the story of Pacific Northwest shredders quitting their jobs and building bikes, but never forgetting why they got into the business in the first place - riding. Kevin and Kyle quit their jobs at a telecommunications company in 2001, founded Transition, and began selling bikes in 2003. Their rider owned vision of not taking things too seriously, combined with innovative designs like the BottleRocket have, no pun intended, propelled Transition into the spotlight of mountain bike manufacturing. Transition bikes are versatile, crafted with attention to detail, and above all, designed for you to have a ton of fun. Transition's PNW roots (Bellingham, Washington to be exact) along with their passion and dedication to riding make them a perfect fit at evo. Shred on!

The R&D

GiddyUp Suspension

Giddy Up ride feel will be familiar for any previous Transition rider, but with a big improvement in suspension performance. The new models are designed to be active while climbing; increased compression damping or rear shock platforms are not required with Giddy Up. The suspension remains free to smooth out the trail, improve traction and control without sacrificing any efficiency. There is no need to think about flipping switches; start your ride with the shock open and leave it there. With Giddy Up you can focus on the trail, not your remotes, levers or knobs. Just grab your bike, Giddy Up, and go!

Progressive Geometry

Long, Low and Slack. Transition bikes have outstanding stability in gnarly terrain, but shorter chainstays combined with Giddy Up Suspension keep you nimble and in a balanced position on the climb up.


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