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Our Favorite Snowsport Accessories for 2021

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet

Ever since I learned how weak and feeble the human brain is left to its own devices, I've been treating mine a whole lot better. That means plenty of Omega-3s, daily Sudoku sessions, and the Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet. The regimen must be working because this lid is my best idea yet. It’s comfortable, well ventilated, easy to adjust with gloves on, and light enough that I usually forget it’s on my head until I catch myself in the mirror looking uncharacteristically fresh. It somehow keeps my dome warm in the middle of Winter and cool in the Spring sun, which is exactly the kind of black magic I can get behind. This helmet rules!

Giro Terra MIPS Helmet

I have a small head and not all size small helmets are created equal. The fit and comfort level I get from the Terra is better than any other helmet I’ve skied in, which is why I have a new one again this season, that makes 3. I like to have some color options when picking out my accessories for the ski day. It’s also lightweight and offers superior venting without having too many aggressive vents. I will say it also works with lots of different goggle brands, which I can appreciate!


Oakley Fall Line XL Goggles

In the Northwest, your google choice can make or break a day at the mountain. Visibility tends to vary, and you don’t want to get caught without the proper gear on a deep stormy day. I’ve been wearing Oakley Fall Line XL goggles for the past three seasons. The PRIZM technology blocks strategic wavelengths along the color spectrum to maximize contrast between colors. This means that when the snow is stacking up, and visibility is low, I can still pick my line with the utmost confidence that I will find every slash available and avoid any obstacles in my way. My favorite lens is the PRIZM Jade Iridium. Its versatility allows for protection on a sunny day in Tahoe or a stormy day in the Northwest.

Smith Squad XL Goggles

Smith Squad XL Goggle: Footloose and fog free! Couldn’t ask for a better goggle at such a killer price point. I overheat while riding and these are the first pair of goggles that haven’t fogged up after every run (also minimal fogging while being masked up in the lift line). The wide peripheral view and chromapop lens make it possible to see just about every bump and lump out there. Love the way the goggles fit on my face, the foam around the frame is super comfortable, wide size strap is easy to adjust and changing lenses is a breeze! Favorite goggle I’ve owned so far.


Oyuki Shaka Mitts

If you’re anything like me, a snowboarder who loves mittens, boarding, and overall spreading the stoke of standing sideways, these gloves practically sell themselves. Perfectly placed on the intersection between fashion and function, these gloves are cool as ever without sacrificing warmth, even on the coldest days. My first impression and concern was whether or not my pinky would miss the warming embrace of the rest of my fingers, but this quickly vanished. These gloves have kept my hands toasty and dry while keeping my mind, body and soul stoked. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of these mitts. You won’t regret it.

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Shoutout to the warmest glove on our site! The Black Diamond Guide Gloves have you covered on everything from cold days in the Cascades, to skiing ice in the East, or skinning uphill on Denali. These are the warmest gloves I've come across after working in outdoor retail for 4+ years. I've sent them to the seven summits while working for a guide service and ski with them myself on the coldest days or when my hands get super cold after a full day on the mountain. Lined with boiled fleece they may feel tight at first but will pack out as you use them and form to your hands for a perfect fit; the large gauntlet keeps all the warmth around your hands and wrists and makes sure you don’t end up with snow up your sleeves. Cold hands and hate mittens? These are the gloves for you!

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