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Our Favorite Bike Accessories

Helmets & Pads

Giro Manifest MIPS Bike Helmet

The Giro Manifest helmet has been by far one of my favorite helmets. It fits me just perfectly out of the box and the adjustment dial in the back really allows it to become locked on. The Manifest manages to provide a very secure feeling while being extremely comfortable. I've worn this helmet out on some long days and never once had to think about my head feeling uncomfortable. The helmet’s 19 vents help keep things cool on those brutally hot days. In addition, the Manifest also has tons of great small details such as Fidlock magnetic buckles, glasses grips, and an adjustable visor. I haven't needed this helmet to save me yet, but once I do, I can guarantee I'll be getting another one. The Manifest is definitely a helmet that's worth a try if you're looking for a full-featured premium helmet.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Bike Helmet

Here in Colorado's Front Range, our bike terrain is an unforgiving landscape of loose dirt and rocks. Rides begin with an unrelenting climb followed by a technical descent that will jostle you around! The POC Tectal Race SPIN is lightweight and offers superb breathability when you're cranking uphill, with plenty of vents for great airflow. For safety on the way down, POC incorporates their own impact protection system known as SPIN - Shearing Pads INside - silicone gel pads that reduce the forces applied to the brain during a crash. The proprietary SPIN system doesn't add any thickness to the liner of the helmet (and doesn't pinch long hair like the MIPS system). The moment you put this helmet on your noggin, it completely envelopes your head for the best feel on the market. It feels so dang good, I sometimes forget I'm wearing it! The half-shell design has some of the best coverage, protecting the back of the head better than most brands, and works well for all disciplines of riding, whether I'm out on my gravel bike cruising to work or training for an enduro race.

Troy Lee Designs Raid Elbow Guards

The Troy Lee Raid Elbow Guards are something you don’t want to miss out on. The fit is great and they provide maximum protection. I am an individual who rides hard and takes chances and I tend to take some pretty big slams. I struggle to find gear that lasts me more than one riding season and the Raid Elbow Guards have definitely made a name for themselves. I have crashed multiple times with these pads and they haven’t torn compared to competitors and I have had pretty minimal damage to my elbows! Which is good because who likes hitting their elbows on some nice hard rocks? This is all thanks to the D30 T5 EVO X material that provides the utmost protection. Aside from the protection, I’ve had a great amount of breathability as well as minimal shifting which means that they stay in place where they’re supposed to be and don’t shift around while you’re sweating. I’d recommend these pads to anyone who is just getting into riding and might be worried about falling and needs a confidence boost. I’d also recommend them to advanced riders who are looking for the maximum amount of mobility and protection.

Packs & Bags

Dakine Hot Laps 5L Waist Bag

The Dakine Hot Laps 5L Waist Bag is my go-to pack for longer days in the saddle. This pack is super comfortable, has plenty of room for whatever you may need and boasts a 70 oz hydration reservoir. The wraparound hydration hose and magnetic buckle make taking a sip mid pedal a breeze. The Hot Laps bag also has two cinch straps to expand or collapse the bag. So if the day calls for a shorter ride or you just hammered that burrito you brought, you can cinch it down and ride without the bulk. Open it up and realize the possibilities. Tube and multi-tool? Check. Extra layer? Check. Keys and cell phone? Check. Snacks? Check. Pair this with a full hydration bladder and you are set. Stay in it all day and don’t leave anything behind with the Dakine Hot Laps 5L.

RMU Core Pack 15

The Core Pack has been great for both biking and hiking. It’s the perfect size that allows me to unconsciously overpack, yet still feels lightweight and comfortable. The mesh shoulder straps and back panel keep it breathable and allow cool air in so your back isn’t covered in sweat. The real game changer is the removable utility belt that allows quick access to small-item storage, or if you want to just ditch the rest of the overpacked bag and use the belt as a place to store your keys for a quick ride. This thing is durable and I can tell it will last.

Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

Whether I am spending a week alone bikepacking in the Alaskan wilderness, or just carrying a charcuterie board up a 14er, I almost always have an Osprey pack on my back. The well-designed hip straps are really comfortable and support the load while keeping the weight more off the shoulders. This bag has held up to countless trips and abusive days without a single whimper or failure. It’s one piece of gear I can count on for hundreds more days of hard use.