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2023 Line Skis Blade Optic 96 Ski Review

By: John Melton, evo Denver Store Lead | June 21, 2022

2023 Line Blade Optic 96 Skis

The Lowdown

Line is releasing the new Blade Optic series for the 2023 season. Coming in four different widths, three with metal, this is the perfect freeride tool for anyone looking to attack the mountain with ease. I was lucky enough to get to test out the Blade Optic 96 throughout the spring in Colorado, and it quickly became my go-to ski. The Blade Optic doesn’t shy away from speed, handling hard and variable snow with power and precision, never losing the playful, nimble feel you might expect with Line. 

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Technical Details

The Blade Optic is a mix between the Line Blade and the Vision series. It incorporates the Gas Pedal Metal found in the Blade, and a similar shape and rocker profile to the Vision. Gas Pedal Metal is a sectioned piece of titanal laid across the width of the ski and separately in both tip and tail, to add torsional stiffness and grip while maintaining a lively and powerful feel. The rocker profile allows the skis the initiate turns quickly and pivot in tighter terrain, still giving you the float in powder.


Sizes (cm)  163, 170, [177], 184
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 129- 96 - 119
Turning Radius (m) 18
Weight (per ski - g) 1780
Camber Profile Rocker / Camber / Rocker

Ride Impressions

The Blade Optic 96 is most at home on hard and variable snow. It tears up groomers and inspires confidence on blown out runs you’d think twice about skiing, never reaching its speed limit. It is designed to go fast, and it carves up anything and everything in its way. Shutting down all that speed you’re going to have is no problem with the Gas Pedal Metal under your feet. 
Gas Pedal Metal gives you all the dampness and grip you’d expect with a metal ski, like a Mantra, but all of the playfulness and pop you get in the Line Vision, making this ski the best of both worlds. The unique titanal construction makes this an incredibly fun ski to be on, anywhere on the mountain. It’s very strong and responsive on edge and stiff underfoot, but still surfy and buttery at the nose and tail, keeping a slightly softer flex profile in those areas.  

The skis handle chop and crud very well, and are heavy enough that they don’t get deflected or pushed around in heavier conditions. They were no problem to whip around in tighter trees and moguls and they never felt nervous when opening them up. The Gas Pedal Metal made slushy conditions easier than ever, plowing through slush mounds and carving through early morning ice easily.
The Line Blade Optic 96 skis powder well, but wouldn’t be my first choice on a deep day. The metal adds extra weight, making it a bit more work to push around on those spring storm days. But overall, it still feels plenty powerful cutting through deeper snow.  Luckily the Blade Optic lineup comes in a width (92mm / 96mm / 104mm / 114mm) for any type of day you may experience.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Skis well all over the mountain
  • Stable / powerful on edge
  • Nimble / Agile


  • Heavy
  • Smaller sizes are limited
  • Lacks in powder at 96mm

Who Are They For?

This Blade Optic 96 Ski was made with the freeride athletes on the Line team in mind.  It definitely lives up to that. It was made for the intermediate / advanced skier looking to ski the resort hard and fast while simultaneously popping side hits along the way back to the lift.  It’s a freeride ski that wants to carve like a race ski. The 96mm Blade Optic is comfortable and confident wherever you are willing to take it.  It’s a great single ski to do it all, or one to add to the collection. This thing rips. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The Bottom Line

This ski is fun from your first to last run.  It is versatile in all conditions and wants to be pushed to its limits.  I have been skeptical of metal skis over the years, but the Blade Optic has changed my mind for the better.  It gives me all the power and grip I want, never sacrificing the freestyle roots Line originated from.  You can literally take it anywhere with a smile on your face or a look of fear in your eyes because you are skiing too fast.  It gave me a new love for groomers and more confidence everywhere else out there.  The Line Blade Optic is a great option for any day.

2023 Line Skis Blade Optic 96

From the Brand

Introducing the Line Blade Optic 96

The all-new Blade Optic Collection has arrived. Born from LINE's history of pushing freeride skiing in a new direction, the Blade Optic Collection breaks the mold of traditional metal-laminate ski design, pulling notes from two award-winning LINE Skis, the Vision and the Blade. Fusing the intuitive freeride capabilities of the Vision's chassis, with the technology and power found in the Blade's Gas Pedal Metal™ construction, the Blade Optic Collection was created for pedal to the metal ripping from the firmest of corduroy to the deepest of pow.


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2023 Line Skis Blade Optic 96 Reviewer

About the Reviewer

Name: John Melton
Age: 36
Height: 6’ 
Weight: 175lbs
Size Reviewed: 184cm
Location(s): Colorado
Mount point: Factory Recommended
Bindings: Look Pivot 15
Boots: Lange XT3 130 Alpine Touring Ski Boots
Riding Style: Freeride & Freestyle. Fast, flowing, playful, falling.

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