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Men's / Unisex Ski Size Chart

Skier HeightSki Length (cm)
ft / incmBeginnerIntermediateExpert

How do you pick the correct ski size?

The truth is, there is no perfect size for one height and weight. The general rule is to pick a ski that is going to land somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. Pro and expert skiers may choose skis that are slightly taller than their height. Within your size range there are multiple reasons to choose a shorter or longer ski.

Reasons to size your skis shorter, closer to your chin:
  • You are a beginner or intermediate skier
  • Your weight is lighter than average for your height
  • You like to make short, quick turns
Reasons to size your skis longer, closer to the top of your head:
  • You are skiing fast and aggressively
  • You weigh more than average for your height
  • You plan to do the majority of your skiing off the trail
  • You are purchasing a ski with significant rocker in the tip
A shorter ski will be easier to turn yet not as stable as a longer ski. A carving ski with a skinnier waist and a smaller turn radius can be skied at a shorter length than an all mountain or a freeride ski with larger, longer turn radius and fatter waist width.

For a more in-depth look at what to look for when selecting skis, check out our Ski Size Chart and Buyer's Guide!