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Hood River Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Rent The Gear. Own The Adventure.

Get out there and enjoy Mt Hood without having to buy a bunch of new gear. Check out evo Hood River, our industry-leading ski and snowboard rental experience. Our Hood River satellite is located closer to the places you love to play to make your life a little easier. We have something for every adventure, be it at Meadows in Heather Canyon, at Ski Bowl with the whole family, and everywhere in between. For spring 2022, we are offering Season Eqpt. skis and snowboards exclusively. The brainchild of Eric Pollard and Austin Smith, Season was conceived and developed on the slopes of Mt Hood. To us, highlighting Season in our Hood River satellite was a no-brainer.

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At this point in the season please call for reservations of to inquire on availability.

  • Can I reserve packages online?
  • What is your return policy?
    Please cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to your pick-up day for a full refund. We will prorate your rental upon return of product to the store for the unused portion of your reservation.
  • Do you rent boots?
    We do not rent boots this season. We plan to carry boots Winter 22'-23'
  • Where are you located?
    evo Hood River is located at 1235 State St, Hood River, OR 97031
  • Do you offer multiday rentals?
    We offer unlimited multi-day rentals for our all-mountain ski and snowboard rentals. For our Premium ski and snowboard rentals, we only offer a maximum of a two-day rental.
  • When can I pick up and drop off my rental?
    We primarily offer same-day rentals, pick up your product when we open and drop it off at least 30 minutes before close.
  • Can I apply credits from my rental to the purchase of a new ski or snowboard?
    Yes. Up to $150 of demo/rental credit may be applied towards current season skis/snowboards and must be redeemed by April 1st. Credit is not applicable to prior model years or used/demo skis and snowboards. Credit is applicable in-store only, excludes online sales.
  • Do I need to bring any gear when picking up rental skis?
    Yes. We need your ski boot to properly test your rental skis binding release. To ensure your safety with our rental equipment, we legally are required to test your ski set up before you use it on snow.

Pricing Menu

All-Mountain Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Service Price Description
Ski rental $40.00Includes skis and poles 
Snowboard rental$40.00Includes snowboard and bindings 
Ski rental package $65.00Includes skis, poles, and boots
Snowboard rental package$65.00Includes snowboard, bindings, and boots 

All-Mountain Ski & Snowboard packages are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Premium Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Premium ski rental$50.00Includes skis and poles
Premium snowboard rental$50.00Includes snowboard and bindings
Premium ski rental package$75.00Includes skis, poles, and boots
Premium snowboard rental package$75.00Includes snowboard, bindings, and boots.

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Kids Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Kids ski rental$25.00Includes skis and poles
Kids snowboard rental$25.00Includes snowboard and bindings
Kids ski rental package$35.00Includes skis, poles, and boots
Kids snowboard rental package$35.00Includes snowboard, bindings, and boots

Kids Ski & Snowboard Rental packages are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Backcountry Ski & Splitboard Rentals

Service Price Description
Backcountry ski rental$100Includes skis with touring bindings and skins
Splitboard rental$100Includes splitboard with bindings and skins
Backcountry ski rental package$200Includes skis with touring bindings, skins, boots, and avalanche safety kit
Splitboard rental package $200Includes splitboard with bindings, skins, boots, and avalanche safety kit

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Season Pass

Service Price Description
Season Pass Program$399.99Unlimited premium ski and snowboard rentals once our rentals open for the season through April 1st. Call us today at (541) 436-5020 to sign up. 
Backcountry Season Pass Program$599.99Unlimited backcountry ski and splitboard rentals once our rentals open for the season through April 1st. Call us today at (541) 436-5020 to sign up. Packages include avalanche safety equipment.

A La Carte Items 

Service PriceDescription
Ski boot rental$25.00Alpine ski boots 
Snowboard boot rental$25.00Snowboard boots
Backcountry ski boot rental$50.00Alpine touring boots  
Avalanche safety kit $75.00Includes bag with a beacon, shovel, and probe 

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Ski & Snowboard Rental Resources

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