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Women's Denim Fit Guide

Here at evo, we have a wide range of denim that has been chosen based on trends and season. The selection reflects our urban, active lifestyle and changes based on the latest fashion trends. Regardless of cut, our denim choices are made to keep you comfortable and looking great at all times.

We have a fit guide for dudes, too: Men's Denim Fit Guide

Legging Fit

Legging fit pants are arguably the most comfortable fit you can find. Usually with lots of stretch, these pants are tight and form fitting, making them great for layering and higher activity. This fit generally errs towards being more casual and often comes in a bolder print, although leggings can also be dressed up with some accessorizing.

Skinny Fit

Skinny fit jeans are a body contouring fit that tapers to a tight calf and small leg opening of around 10-12 inches. These pants fit slim and sleek through the ankle and are easily paired with any type of shoe and look great with both fitted and longer, looser tops. The rise on skinny fit jeans can range from low to high, offering a wide array of styles.

Straight Fit

Fitted through the hip and thigh, these pants differ from a skinny fit because they are straight from knee to ankle and are not as form fitting. This is a timeless fit that goes well with anything.

Jogger Fit

Loose through the thigh and knee and usually sitting low on the hips, jogger fit pants are a comfortable and classy alternative to sweatpants. With a tapered fit at the bottom and usually a cinched ankle, these pants look great with flats, boots and heels alike.

Boot Cut / Flared Fit

Boot cut denim is slim fitting through the thigh and knee, with a slightly flared opening. The leg opening can be anywhere between 16 inches to 22 inches depending on the cut. The wider opening makes them perfect for layering over boots and this silhouette goes well with a variety of tops. Boot cut pants are a classic that come in a large array of washes.

Boyfriend Fit

Boyfriend fit jeans are a comfortable, looser and more casual fit. They usually come in a lighter, more distressed wash, giving them a casual and worn in feel. Easy to style, these jeans are relaxed through the hip and thigh, and often have a tapered fit at the bottom so that they can be easily cuffed. These jeans are extremely versatile, looking natural paired with either heels, boots or sneakers.


Low Rise
Low rise jeans sit a few inches below the belly button and fit snuggly to prevent exposing anything you might not want exposed. This rise will hit you at your hips, not your natural waist. Low rise jeans are often better suited for a petite frame.

Medium Rise
Not too high, not too low, this cut is the perfect medium if you want a comfortable, go-to jean. Make sure the height is right for you because mid-rise jeans can vary. These are good for any body shape.

High Rise
High rise jeans (often referred to as high waisted) generally hit you just below the belly button, resting closer to your natural waist. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are mom or dad style jeans, high waisted denim is very trendy and is a good fit to show off your curves.

Denim Specifics

Selvedge denim isn't actually a type of denim (even though many titles include this term), but instead the name for the edge of the fabric as it comes from the loom. These edges are woven or knit so that they don't fray or ravel. This denim can only be made using a specific shuttle loom and is generally a little bit more expensive.

Raw (Dry)
Raw denim is not washed after having been dyed. This gives it a dark, crisper feel and allows you to wear it in how you would like to. The longer you abstain from washing your denim, the darker your pants will stay. Some people never wash their jeans.

Denim Weight
Denim also varies in weight, which indicates how forgiving the actual fabric will be. Higher weights are generally stiffer, thicker, last longer, hold their dye/color better and and are warmer than light weight denim, which is easier-wearing and better for milder temps.

Sanforization and Wash
Most denim is sanforized, a process that reduces shrinkage after your first pass through the machine. We do not carry any unsaforized denim, but it is usually clealy marked as such, or as "Shrink to Fit." Most denim that isn't raw is washed to some degree after the dying process, often with stones, skate wheels, or other objects that impart the fabric with a distressed, softer, lived-in look or feel.

Unless the tag specifies alternative care instructions, we recommend washing your denim inside-out in cold water with like colors to avoid fading and color transfer. Hang dry to prevent shrinking and fabric break down.

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