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Gentemstick Snowboard Size Chart 

BoardSize (cm)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
Mermaid151242Up to 8.5
Spoon Fish1462508 - 10
1522528 - 10
Barracuda HP15727010.5+
Drifter155256Up to 11.5
Fly Fisk16428710.5+
Flair144244Up to 8.5
Mantaray142244Up to 8.5
145244Up to 9.5
154258Up to 11.5
156262Up to 11.5
Giant Mantaray159266up to 11.5
Mid Fish15227010+
Rocket Fish14429410.5+
Rocket Fish Outline Core14429410.5+
Rocket Fish HP144271.510.5+
Rocket Fish HP Soft Flex144271.510.5+
The Chaser15628510.5+
The Chaser HP15526510.51=
Floater1622558 - 10