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Turning is the essence of skiing -- without it, gravity would send you careening down the hill out of control. But turning is more than just the way you control your speed and direction. It’s an art. It's a rebellion against the laws of physics just as much as it’s a reflection of personal style. Analyzed and perfected over a lifetime down to the most minute detail, no two skiers will make the same set of turns down the mountain -- and that’s why we love it!

Fast is fun, and ripping turns with your friends is like sticking your head out the side of the window on the highway -- it’s pure, unadulterated exhilaration. You don’t need to have roots in racing in order to experience the sensation of carving either. With no right or wrong way to go about it, carving lines down pristine groomers is truly an experience that everyone can take part in. Carving amplifies your connection to the mountain, so choose your line, feel the G's and get creative with it!

Carving Skis
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You’ve probably noticed, but there's a retro renaissance happening: dad hats, mom jeans, the list goes on… Point is, our parents had things figured out a bit more than we once thought - and the new wave of high performance carving skis makes it all the more apparent.

Whether you’ve got roots in racing or you just appreciate that locked-in, high-octane feeling that only a more traditional carving ski can deliver, there’s no denying that railing down corduroy is the nirvana of skiing. Capable of laying an edge like none other, these modern sticks boast narrower waist widths, flat tails, and aggressive camber profiles that are designed to deliver specific turn shapes and snappy edge-to-edge performance.

The art of a good ski turn seems to have been dropped and forgotten about somewhere along the way. For over a decade now, skiers have focused on pushing their boundaries off jumps, bigger cliffs, and even bigger cliffs. Oh yeah watch this! But it’s as if we’ve realized that we forgot our identity somewhere, and thankfully we decided now is the time to go pick it up.
Marcus Caston
Blizzard & Tecnica Athlete
All-Mountain Skis with an Edge
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Finding a pair of all-mountain skis is one thing, but finding a pair of do-it-all daily drivers that can also moonlight as fun and competent carving skis after the freshies are pillaged is a quickly growing niche that’s highlighted by this year’s most exciting new offerings.

Imagine a ski that you can explore off-piste with by morning but still have a blast arcing turns on groomers in the afternoon. Sound like a tall order? It is, but this new crop of skis -- like the Line Sakana -- have risen to the occasion and offer incredible performance both on- and off-piste. Freeride skiing is evolving and these carving-capable all-mountain sticks are leading the charge. Don't sleep on 'em.

Many skiers approach the mountain with a definitive style that they apply everywhere – a style that’s been well documented in the park and backcountry, but not necessarily inbounds, on relatable terrain. What we’re seeing now is a reaction to a snow culture that has been totally focused on park and pow – the creation of products and films for the skiing we do the majority of the time.
Eric Pollard
Professional Skier & Ski Designer of the Line Sakana



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Wax and Tuning


Getting the most out of your carving skis (or any of your skis, for that matter), requires sharp edges and a properly maintained base. Whether you're interested in learning how to take care of your setup at home, or would like our experts to tune your kit for you, keep your quiver sharp with these handy tuning resources.

Tired of tuning? Bring your skis to one of our Seattle, Denver, or Portland stores and we'll get 'em waxed, tuned, and back in tip-top shape, ready to ride!

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