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evoTrip Mountain Bike Trips

Explore some of Earth’s most scenic and thrilling spots on two wheels. We offer mountain biking experiences around the globe in breathtaking destinations like the Italian Alps, Norway, Peru, Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia, and our own backyard -- both in Salt Lake & Park City, Utah and the great Pacific Northwest. Our bike trips offer an unmatched blend of culture and riding, with beautiful views guaranteed. We work with local partners & guides to find unique, well-maintained trails and opportunities for riders of all ability levels. Questions? Contact Us


Aosta, Italy

Join us for an unforgettable MTB journey through the Aosta Valley, where ancient ruins meet breathtaking Alpine vistas. This trip, designed for advanced riders, delivers thrilling downhill runs, flowing singletrack, and the warmth of Italian hospitality. Partnering with Big Mountain Bike Adventures ensures an expertly crafted riding experience you'll never forget.

Canvas, Norway

Escape to Norway's wilderness for over 100km of slick rock trails and immerse yourself in a truly unique MTB experience at the world's only mountain bike hotel. This trip takes intermediate and above riders to the heart of Scandinavian wilderness, complete with sauna sessions, refreshing cold plunges, and delicious local cuisine

New MTB Skills Camps

Based out of evo Hotel SLC, three new skills camps have been added allowing bikers of all abilities an opportunity to build individual confidence alongside a friendly crew of other riders.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us this season for new bike skills camps designed for having a blast while safely progressing at your own individual level. Our experienced guide partners at Momentum Mountain Biking ensure a 5:1 rider to instructor ratio, and pare down smaller groups based on ability. This allows everyone to focus on their own unique progression at a rate that works for their confidence level.

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