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While cut-throat competitions like the Olympics, X-Games and Dew Tour are still flagship events in the world of snowboarding, there is a growing culture of skate- and surf-inspired riding that's all about camaraderie, flow and discovering smooth, natural transitions. It's not about who goes the biggest, spins the fastest, or flips the most. Nah, it's about finding your rhythm, unlocking your creativity, and doing it all with friends, old and new. Pow days are amazing, don't get us wrong, but realistically they only make up maybe 10% of the season. For the remaining 90% of the season, a board that you can have fun on and flow around the resort with is pivotal.

Boards to Find Your Flow
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In years past, snowboarding’s most distinguished and interesting shapes were directional pow surfers that emerged as a stark contrast to the twin tip park board renaissance that had all but taken over snowboarding. Now, these more punctuated shapes are finding their way into the middle ground, blending the lines and inviting the more laid back soul shredders back in bounds. The result is a style of riding that’s all about merging naturally inspired features with man-made creativity.
Manifested in events like the Dirksen Derby, Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, Drink Water Rat Race, and Holy Bowly, a culture of community, creativity, and camaraderie is gathering steam and the core driver of the current movement.


Although the boards themselves typically get the most attention, they’re only part of the equation… Where your board informs your overall riding style, your boots and bindings are ultimately what you steer it with. Consider whether stiffer boots, softer boots, more responsive bindings or more tweak-friendly bindings will best coincide with your riding aspirations and style. Still have questions? Check out our helpful buyer's guides for more details and deciphering tips.

Bindings for Transitions
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Boots for Transitions
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Wax and Tuning


It's tough to find your flow when your unwaxed and burred-edge board forces you to unstrap and push everytime you encounter a flat spot... Luckily a good ol' edge tune and hot wax can prevent that from happening. Stock up on snowboard tuning supplies and get your board running like it's new again. 

Tired of tuning? Bring your board to one of our Seattle, Denver, or Portland stores and we'll get it waxed, tuned, and ready to ride!
Time for a tune-up?
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Community Events

Dirksen Derby [Dec.] |  Holy Bowly [Spring] |  Mt. Baker Banked Slalom [February] |  Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge [April] |  Burton Peace Park [TBD] | Drink Water Rat Race [July] 

Flow Park Shout-Outs

Timberline Flow Park, Mt. Hood [Oregon]   Alpental Spring Park, Snoqualmie [Washington]  |  Mammoth Unbound Transisition Park, Mammoth [California]  |  Happo Banks, Hakuba [Japan]  |  LAAX Snowparks, Graubünden [Switzerland]

This year, we wanted to showcase snowboarding through the lens of transition riding, whether that's flowing through Holy Bowly or surfing nature's waves of powder.
Stew Langner
evo Assistant Snowboard Buyer
"These events were not conceived to crown a champion, they exist as a gathering of peers, a reunion of friends, a level playing field for people to slide around the way that feels good to them. These events encapsulate the spirit of snowboarding."
Alex Yoder
Professional Snowboarder

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