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As a culture, snowboarding views itself as exceptionally risk tolerant. But we are also traditionalists and skeptics. For those who design our vessels of downhill transportation and the gear to help us thrive in the elements, risk not only occurrs on-hill, but in their processes. We've curated insight into some of snowboarding's prolific minds, and they didn't earn that designation by playing it safe. Matt Cummins, Alex Warburton, Michael Chilton, and Melissa Grandkoski are risk-takers of design. 

Matt Cummins / Mervin Mfg.

Often ahead of his time, Matt Cummins has been designing snowboards for nearly four decades. Some of the industry's most iconic shapes start on his kitchen counter.

Alex Warburton / Yes. Snowboards

Alex Warburton has created some of snowboarding's most recognizable products. He's a seasoned designer with an assured philosophy that favors feel over "faster and lighter".

Michael Chilton / RIDE Snowboards

Michael Chilton speaks about snowboard design with fervor and sounds like half-scientist, half-surfboard shaper. Risk has paid off for him, even if a professor once suggested otherwise.

Melissa Grandkoski / Airblaster

Inspired by vintage clothing and classic snowboard films, Melissa Grandkoski looks at her designs through a "what do snowboarders want" lens with an aim to craft something different.