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Helmets are an absolute must for mountain biking. So what's the best type of helmet? The one that you actually want to wear! Fortunately, helmet designs have come a long way in recent years and they're now incredibly sleek and significantly more comfortable and safe, too. Whether you're drawn to the extended coverage designs of modern enduro helmets, the aggressive protection of full face downhill buckets, or light and highly breathable XC lids, it's important to not only find a helmet that fits your style of riding, but one that you're excited to throw on, too.

Browse our favorites, discover the best helmet style for your particular type of riding, and learn about the latest and greatest safety features to ensure you're dome is properly defended!


Yes, helmet designs are aesthetically better than ever. But let us not forget the primary purpose of a helmet is cranial protection.  As such, one of the biggest innovations in modern helmets is the incorporation of rotational impact technologies. Whether it's MIPS or SPIN, these new helmets have proven to greatly reduce forces on the brain in the event of an oblique impact through the use of a low friction layer (a liner for MIPS, sheering pads for SPIN) that moves relative to your head during the impact.

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