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There's no denying it, the backcountry scene has well and truly exploded in recent years. With each passing season more and more skiers are looking beyond resort boundaries in search of fresh turns and good times. As people opt for trailheads over chairlifts, backcountry focused product lines have dramatically grown and diversified, fueling the stoke machine and giving adventurous spirits the tools to venture ever deeper into the mountains.

Stroll into a ski shop and you'll find yourself surrounded by skis, boots, and bindings that have shed grams to optimize the uphill experience. Understanding all of the options in this brave new world can be a dizzying experience for newbies and veterans alike, so we've rounded up the some of the latest and greatest gear to get you cruising up your local skin-track. Whatever your objectives in the backcountry, there’s a perfect setup waiting to take you there.


From burly frames to featherlight pins, there are many ways to haul your skis up a mountain. Our go-to bindings in this category trend towards versatility, straddling the hallowed sweet spot of light weight and solid downhill performance.


Skis are getting lighter and we're all for it. Aside from being easier on the knees and quicker to whip around in a turn, lightweight skis are significantly easier to carry uphill! The skis below score top marks on both the uphill and the down, because what's the point of suffering on the skin-track if the turns are no fun?


Some of the biggest changes in skiing have come to the world of boots, with a vast array now offering walk modes, tech fittings and rockered soles that dramatically improve the skin-track experience. Our top picks come with great walk modes and exceptional downhill performance that may cause you to rethink the need for a second pair.
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