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Size and Buying Guides

It can be tough to buy new gear. We know because we struggle with it too. With the evolution of our sports comes change in the equipment. We strive to bring you the best, most current guides and size charts to help you choose gear and have the absolute best experience using it. We love to shop for and explore new gear. We are constantly learning and it is fun to share our knowledge with you. Whether you are new to a sport or a veteran, there is always something fun to learn. We hope these guides make choosing your gear easier. Thank you and enjoy!
Accessories Guides
Backcountry Guides
Bike Guides
Clothing Guides
Outerwear & Layering Guides
Skateboard Guides
Ski Guides
Snowboard Guides
Surf Guides
Tuning Guides
Wakeboard Guides
Wetsuit Guides

Accessories Guides

Sunglasses – How to Choose
Sunglasses – Style & Face Shape
Goggles – How to Choose
Goggles – Lens Color & Tint Guide
Helmets – How to Choose & Fit Guide
Helmets – MIPS Technology
Gloves & Mittens – How to Choose
Hats – Types, Styles, & Materials
Helmet Cameras – How to Choose


Backcountry Guides

Backcountry Basics – How to Get Started
Backcountry Gear – Checklist
Backcountry Backpacks – How to Choose
Avalanche Beacons / Transceivers – How to Choose
Avalanche Shovels – How to Choose
Avalanche Probes – How to Choose
Avalanche Airbags – How to Choose
Alpine Touring Skis – How to Choose
Alpine Touring Ski Boots – How to Choose
Alpine Touring Ski Bindings – How to Choose
Dynafit (Tech) Bindings – Getting Started
Backcountry Basics - How to Skin
Climbing Skins – How to Choose
Climbing Skins – Size Guide
Climbing Skins – Weight Chart
Climbing Skins – How to Cut/Trim
Outerwear & Layers – How to Dress for the Backcountry
Splitboarding - How to Get Started

Bike Guides

Mountain Bikes – How to Choose
Mountain Bikes - Size and Fit Guide
Bikes - Size and Fit Guide
Bikes - How to Choose Accessories
Bikes - Urban Riding Tips

Clothing Guides

Jeans & Pants – Women's Fit Guide
Jeans & Pants – Men's Fit Guide
Hats – Types, Styles, & Materials



Outerwear & Layering Guides

Waterproof Ratings & Breathability Guide
Outerwear – Fit Guide & Jacket Length
Outerwear – How to Choose by Region
Outerwear – Construction, Fabric & Features
Insulated Garments – How to Choose
Base Layers & Long Underwear – How to Choose
GORE-TEX® Fabric – How it Works & Product Testing
GORE-TEX® Fabric – How to Wash & Keep Waterproof
Backcountry – How to Dress


Skateboard Guides

Skateboards – How to Choose & Size Chart
Longboards – How to Choose
Skateboard Decks – How to Grip

Ski Guides

Skis – How to Choose & Size Chart
Skis – Kids' Size Chart
Skis – Rocker Technology
Alpine Touring Skis – How to Choose
Skis – Weight Chart
Ski Boots – How to Choose & Fit Guide
Ski Boots – Size Chart
Ski Boots – How to Try On
Ski Boots – How to Make Your Boots Fit Better
Alpine Touring Ski Boots – How to Choose
Ski Boots – Weight Chart
Ski Boots – Boot Sole Length Chart
Footbeds –​ How to Choose
Ski Bindings – How to Choose & DIN Setting Chart
Alpine Touring Ski Bindings – How to Choose
Ski Bindings – Weight Chart
Ski Poles – Size Chart
Skiing – How to Get in Shape

Snowboard Guides

Snowboards – How to Choose & Size Chart
Kids' Snowboards – Size Chart
Snowboards – Rocker Technology
Snowboard Boots – How to Choose & Fit Guide
Snowboard Boots – How to Put On Your Boots
Footbeds –​ How to Choose
Snowboard Bindings – How to Choose & Compatibility Guide
Snowboarding  How to Get in Shape
Splitboarding - How to Get Started
Splitboarding - Board and Binding Weight Chart

Surf Guides

Surf Fins - How to Choose
Surf Leashes - How to Choose
Surf Traction Pads - How to Apply


Tuning Guides

Skis & Snowboards – How to Tune
Skis & Snowboards – How to Wax
Skis & Snowboards – Base Repair
Skis & Snowboards – How to Store for the Summer
Climbing Skins – How to Wax


Wetsuit Guides

Wetsuits – Thickness Guide & Temperature Chart
Wetsuits – How to Put On
Wetsuits – Repair and Care Guide


Wakeboard Guides

Wakeboards – How to Choose & Size Chart
Wakeboard Boots & Bindings – How to Choose
Wakeboards & Wakeboard Bindings – Compatibility Guide
Wakeskates – How to Choose
Wakesurf Boards – How to Choose
Wakesurfing – Boat Setup / Safety
Wakeboard Vests / Life Jackets – How to Choose
Wakeboard Ropes & Handles – How to Choose
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