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About Icebreaker

Founded in 1995, Icebreaker is defined by breakthroughs. Over 20 years ago, the brand had a different idea; one big enough to challenge an outdoor industry dominated by the use of plastics and synthetics. With a new, different, and sustainable way of thinking, doing and making, Icebreaker is inspired by nature, and seeks to harness the incredible qualities of natural fibers within its clothing. Their designers work tirelessly to integrate these qualities throughout the adventure, training and lifestyle collections indicative of the brand.
These simple, beautiful garments enable people in their adventures and their everyday life. Customers are assured of the knowledge that their clothing was made with care, with responsibility and with integrity in every part of the process from fiber to garment. It’s a different way of thinking, but as a natural performance brand, it is the only way the brand believes you can move apparel forward in symbiosis with nature.

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