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About Dinosaurs Will Die

If you reach out to Dinosaurs Will Die you’re likely to get a reply from some snowy location — and there’s an even better chance that it will come directly from one of the cofounders themselves, Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan. They’ve built this brand in a way that keeps them immersed in the mountains and snowy streets where they're able to constantly tweak product and stay connected with you and the rest of the DWD community. Because of this gonzo work ethic, they’ve kept the brand accessible and attracted a legion of Rats — aka anyone that decides to spend their hard earned money on a DWD snowboard. Alongside a hard working team full of personality, the Dino crew continues to use the Dinosaurs Will Die name as its every day motto — a reminder to constantly question, innovate, and adapt — or die.

15/16 Update

DWD’s very own, Chris Larson, turns pro with a retrospective edit from his past 8 Think Thank video parts and a controversial Yobeat interview. His pro model is designed and introduces a new camber profile to the DWD line called, RePop camber. With a stand out part in Think Thank’s, RightTurnLeftTurn, Fredrik Perry becomes the first international rider to be added to the main DWD team. After a second season of filming and a long road trip that stretched from Alaska you NYC, Magic Hour Moves releases their video, End Search and the DWD maeT board that they collaborated on hits stores! … And the Rats keep ruling… as they always do.

Dinosaurs Will Die and YoBeat Present Larson's Pro Release Part

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