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evo mountain bike performance & recovery guides
Mountain biking is an amazing way to get outside and explore, and it’s a ton of fun. What’s not fun is being stuck on the couch nursing an injury sustained while your bike. All of the rough terrain and movements that the body isn’t used to can certainly cause these couch-inducing injuries and aches. That’s why evo has partnered up with Kinetic Sports Rehab to show mountain bikers some great way to stay healthy, happy, and on their bikes all season long. The following guides help to address common mountain biking injuries and ailments, offering proactive solutions to strengthening your body and your technique.   
Kinetic Sports Rehab is a Seattle-based, hybrid clinic combining chiropractic, manual therapy and sports medicine. Their unique approach focuses on the body as a whole rather than just chasing the symptom and empowers you to Change Your Story!