Seattle Mountain Bike Demos

- Our Fleet is Now On Sale! -

Mountain bikes can be a very big investment, it's not uncommon to drive around Seattle and see a $5,000 bike on top of a $2,000 car. That's why evo Seattle has a great fleet of some of the nicest mountain bikes available, so you can try before you buy. Our selection of demo mountain bikes ranges from top of the line full suspension trail bikes to fat bikes from brands like Devinci, Transition, Santa Cruz, and Yeti. Demos are the perfect solution if you're thinking about upgrading your old mountain bike, but you're not sure what style fits you best, or if all of the new mountain bike technology really makes a big difference. Not sure what kind of bike you're looking for? Check out our guide on How to Choose a Mountain Bike, or come in to evo Seattle and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best bike for you to demo.


$125/ Day

Up to three demo fees can be applied to the purchase of any full price mountain bike.

Our on-hand inventory varies through the season, so please call us to see what is available at (206) 973-4470.

Devinci Demo Bikes

Devinci mountain bikes are known for their high quality construction and innovative technology. We offer two models of Devinci mountain bikes for demos at evo Seattle, the all mountain Troy Carbon SLX/XT and the Django Carbon SLX/XT These demo mountain bikes are all at the top of their class across a range of different riding styles and functions. This is your chance to experience some of the best all mountain and trail bikes around.

Giant Demo Bikes

Giant makes a great lineup of mountain bikes with the full complement of modern technologies like 27.5" wheels and 1x11 drivetrains, all at great pricepoint. At evo Seattle, we are happy to offer demos of the trail crusher that is the Giant Trance Advanced 2.

Santa Cruz Demo Bikes

Santa Cruz has been making some of the best mountain bikes available for a very long time. at evo Seattle we have several models of Santa Cruz demo mountain bikes available. These demo bikes represent a wide range of riding styles from all-around trail bikes in different wheel sizes to the more heavy duty Bronson. 

Juliana Demo Bikes

Juliana mountain bikes are changing the sport for women riders. These bikes are not just designed to accommodate women riders, but to enable them shred just as hard, if not harder than the men. At evo Seattle we offer two models of Juliana dmeo mountain bikes, the Furtado 2.0 C S, a rippin' trail bike, and the more aggressive all mountain Roubion 2.0 C S.

Transition Demo Bikes

Rider founded and operated, Transition Bikes out of Bellingham, Washington is all about fun. Our fleet of Transition demo mountain bikes range from the more aggressive Patrol 3 to the more versatile Scout Carbon 3. Regardless of riding style these demo bikes are some of the most fun full suspension mountain bikes on the market. 

Yeti Demo Bikes

Yeti Cycles has been making some of the most fun and progressive mountain bikes around since the mid 1980s. Yeti's innovative Switch Infinity suspension is an industry leading design, and is featured on both of the demo Yeti bikes at evo Seattle, the SB 5.5 and SB 6. The SB6 is one of the most heavy duty and well regarded all mountain bikes on the market, while the SB 5.5 is an all around shredder. Try out both of these Yetis and find out which one is right for you.

Call to reserve: 206.973.4470