Moon Mountain Bike Travel Package

evo's Mountain Bike trip to the Moon! 

Join evo for the mountain bike trip of a lifetime to the Moon!

April 1, 2016 - Seattle, WA. Houston, we have lift off on our newest evoTrip offering! As the saying goes, shoot for the moon and land among the stars. Welcome to the future of mountain biking.

The moon is host to out-of-this-world terrain, with gravity-defying features like moon-dusted lava flows and rocky crater airs. All levels of bikers welcome! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to have a great time on this trip. From painless crash landings to lunar hang time, the Moon is the mountain biking destination you won’t want to miss.

“evo really eclipsed the competition on this one. The dehydrated food, the private transportation via rover and space shuttle, not to mention the astronomically low price... a trip of a lifetime for sure!”
-Neil Legstrong

We'll have six days of incredible riding as we explore the poles. For this trip we recommend a larger tire volume bike like the 27.5+ Devinci Hendrix. At one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, there’s no weight penalty on the way up and big airtime on the way down.

This stellar trip is tailored for people seeking a zero-pressure adventure who love to soak up new cultures, great food, far-out riding and, of course, love meeting new people along the way.

Google Map, Moon

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Moon Mountain Biking Package

Moon Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Earth to the Moon from one of the SpaceX launch facilities in California, Texas or Florida. You must arrive by 0500 on Sunday.

Day 2: Upon landing, our guides will provide a brief orientation as we adjust to the atmosphere and gravity. We'll then enjoy a group picnic under a meteor shower.

Days 3-6: Spend six nights in our stunning accommodations with great atmosphere at the Lunar Southern Pole in Sector H2. Spend the days exploring uncharted territory. 
Day 7: Travel by private rover to the launch pad for departure to Earth.

Trip Package Includes

Six nights lunar accommodations in a double crew cabin.

Six breakfasts, a dehyrdrated wine and cheese tasting and one farewell dinner at the famous Space Bar.

Day tour to visit the dark side of the moon.

Custom moon boot fitting and gear consultation to help you prepare for your trip.

Travel with the evo family! Two members of the evo team will be on the trip to lead the way.

Not Included

Interstellar travel to the moon. Our staff will be able to support you in selecting a flight.

Two years of astronaut training recommended but not included.

Private cabins available on request for an additional fee.

Cheese grater, because, you know, the moon is made of cheese. Right?

See our complete recommended gear list here!

Bike the Moon is an April Fool's special, but travel with us any time on our other evoTrip Offerings