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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Mountain Bike

I have ridden every single version of the 5010 since it came out. It is probably the most fun bike I have ever ridden. I loved how my V3 felt, a playful, fast and versatile bike. I was able to go on big enduro rides, dirt-jump sessions, XC loops or race dual slalom with it. When I got the new 5010, I was a bit afraid that with the “beefier” design it would take away some of the playfulness that I loved from the previous one. Somehow they have been able to make a bike that did all the best things that I mention above but with some improved suspension, where you still have the snappy, fast capabilities, and you can also ride way rougher trails more comfortably. What I am trying to say is this bike has all the great characteristics of a small trail bike with a suspension that feels like an enduro bike. 100% would recommend this bike to any and all riders.

Juliana Maverick Mountain Bike

Juliana released the Maverick, the sister of the Santa Cruz Hightower, in 2019 and it became my instant favorite. I’ve always been a big 29er fan - I’ve had every version of the Joplin (Tallboy) that Juliana has made - so when Juliana finally released a long-travel, enduro-race-capable 29er, I was beyond excited. The Maverick was built to be 140mm rear travel and 150mm of front travel, but I’ve been running a 160mm Lyrik up front and made some modifications to the rear shock to give me about 145mm rear travel, which has given me a bit more confidence charging down gnarly tracks without compromising the pedal efficiency. The Maverick has served me well on all sorts of adventures, from the steep tech at EWS Whistler to all-day blind racing at Trans BC and Andes Pacifico and everything in between. The Maverick is quick, capable, versatile, stable, and loves to go fast. If you’re looking for a bike that can do anything and do it well, the Maverick is your girl.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

I’ve been on the latest iteration of the Santa Cruz Stigmata for nearly a year now. I’m a daily rider and average between 150 and 200 miles per week so I’ve got a pretty good feel for this bike. I’m currently riding the Force AXS 1x 700c version with Reserve Carbon Wheels. I’ve been exceptionally happy with the bike’s overall build, spec and handling. The ride quality is great: super stable on all terrain and snappy and responsive when going full throttle. This bike easily doubles as a daily road ride, commuter, etc. That’s the beauty here, friends - the Stigmata can really be many things to many people. In all, this is the perfect gravel/all-road bike for me. Versatile, comfortable geo and a top-notch spec make this a bike I’d highly recommend.

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