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Sandy Ward (Kelkeláokik)

Sandy Ward (Kelkeláokik) is a member of the Lil’wat Nation, and an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and climber. She has been snowboarding for 20 years and has been a competitive halfpipe rider, snowboard instructor and backcountry enthusiast. During the winter season when not teaching snowboarding in the resort you can find Sandy in the backcountry on her traditional territory.   

She has had the incredible opportunity to travel and snowboard around the world, including working as a tail guide in Japan, a winter season in Chamonix, France and a few seasons instructing in the southern hemisphere.  

Sandy got her start in snowboarding as a member of the First Nations Snowboard Team, in its first year of operation. Since getting her instructor certification she has volunteered her time as a coach for the FNST recreational program.