Born in Redmond Washington in 2006, Ronix spawned as a late project of watersports godfather, Herb O'Brien. Since their founding, they've quickly climbed the ranks and are now well-established as a premier wake brand with one of the most streamlined product development processes in the industry. As the architect and owner of the famed Radar Lake, Herb provided the Ronix team with exclusive access, which has allowed them to conceptualize, build, ride and tweak designs in the same day. Equipped with this significant competitive advantage, Ronix continues to push the envelope and pioneer how we ride sideways on water.

(Re)introducing Fun

Over the years we have seen so much evolution in riding sideways behind a boat that we wanted to create something that was a tribute to wakeboarding's roots. A time when it didn’t matter what boat you were behind – what tricks you could or couldn’t do – it was just about having fun.
on designing the Fun Board


2017 Wakesurf

After crunching athlete feedback with new developments in materials and technologies, Ronix has redesigned their entire wakesurf lineup for 2017. From smooth flow, to strong contact with the water, to warp speed reaction, they crafted 9 unique shapes with six different core constructions and four thickness levels, creating boards that are a blast for the complete range of surfer styles -- from directional power riders to more mellow skim artists and everyone in between. To top things off, all Ronix wakesurfers now feature a revolutionary new tool-less fin attachment system that's the quickest and easiest to interchange on the market -- Fin-S 2.0.
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2017 Wakeboards 

The crew at Ronix demonstrates a steadfast commitment to peak performance with zero compromise. For 2017, Ronix offers 13 boat-specific boards and 7 cable park specific boards. Pioneers of camber profiles and multiple construction methods, it should come at no surprise that Ronix remains the go-to brand for many dedicated and progressive riders.
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