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Over the past forty years, Burton has helped cultivate a new sport, and with it, a new community. Early on that meant making decisions that were best for the longevity of snowboarding and for the people who used their products. Today, the challenge is bigger than that. At the core of every decision Burton makes is the health of the outdoor industry and the well-being of the entire global community. The Burton 2020 Sustainability Goals were established as a way for Burton to ensure that snowboarding can be shared with generations to come.


Change starts at the ground level. That’s why Burton has teamed up with the Fair Labor Association to improve the quality of their production standards. Their goal is to have 100% FLA compliance by 2020 so that every person involved in the production of Burton goods works in conditions that are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. In pursuit of inspiring an industry-wide movement, Burton will work to spread their sustainable culture to revolutionize the practices of the snowsport industry.


Keyed in on advocacy and action, Burton is dedicated to protecting their playground. By 2020, Burton will achieve a 20% reduction in carbon emissions and divert 75% of their waste from the landfill. They promise to use their voice to continue promoting and contributing to the efforts of Protect Our Winters and ensuring the Burton US Open and all Burton events in the future remain carbon neutral.


Implementing programs like Burton Pass Along and limited lifetime warranties on most products, Burton is doing their part to ensure that their goods stay out of the landfill. For new products, Burton will make 100% of their softgoods bluesign® approved by 2020, use only sustainable cotton, zero biocides and use less water. Their hardgoods will use sustainably harvested wood and packaging with only recyclable or compostable materials.

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