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What if your skis could feel light as a feather, precise as a laser beam, and nimble as a cheetah on the Serengeti? What if they could whip harder and spin faster, all with the deft touch of a brain surgeon’s scalpel? This year evo and Armada set out to answer these questions and rethink the boundaries of what’s possible in an all-mountain ski. 

The result of this collaboration is a brand new take on an old favorite: the evo x Armada ARV 96 UL. Blending an ultralight core with Armada’s best-selling shape, the ARV 96 UL offers gravity-defying performance designed to inspire creativity and turn the mountain into your canvas.

With the prototypes dialed and the stoke palpable, we needed a willing guinea pig; someone to punch the gas and push the limit on everything from jumps and rails to bumps and steeps. Who better to put the ARV 96 UL through its paces than a man who's thrashed more pairs of skis than he's had hot dinners? We sent the Godfather of urban skiing, Mike Hornbeck, on a mission to Mt Hood to get the lowdown on this exclusive new offering from evo x Armada.

Mike Hornbeck | Armada Athlete

The ARV 96 UL is set to be my go to ride out of the Armada line this year. It’s easy to ski, very forgiving and allows you to approach the mountain however you want. The new ultra-light core significantly decreases the swing weight which really lightens up your legs and allows quicker movements. The flex is balanced, plush and consistent throughout the ski, giving it stability at speed while still allowing it to be playful. Whether you’re a hardcore park skier or someone who just enjoys exploring the mountain, the ARV96 UL checks all the boxes.

Andy Hytjan | Engineer

The evo x Armada ARV 96 UL was born out of a desire to create something unique and special for our riders. Starting with the same ultra-light Caruba wood core found in the athlete favorite ARV 116 JJ UL and the Tracer series, we added additional rubber dampening and adaptive mesh technology, both designed to quiet the ski and provide a smooth ride on firmer snow. This premium construction results in a ski that is extremely playful and quick to initiate but stable enough to manage variable conditions.