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Season was founded by Austin Smith and Eric Pollard, two Pacific Northwest professional snow sliding athletes. They’ve pooled their experience, knowledge and expertise in order to create a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, products never expire and service is included

Austin Smith - Simplifying the Menu

This brand, and our equipment came about as a result of feeling overwhelmed by too many options. Our shapes are well thought out and feature black bases that are not only aesthetically and functionally the best suited for longevity and repairs, they're also the fastest. With help from evo, we've created the Season Pass, a service partnership that’ll let you get the most out of your purchase. If you buy Season Eqpt. this season you'll receive a lifetime of service from evo.

Eric Pollard - Eqpt. in Common

For how different snowboarding and skiing are, there is also common ground. Our community consists of individuals from all walks of life. There are as many ways up to the mountain as there are lines down it. There is overlap, common perspective and difference.