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Story and Photos by Krystin Norman

Last February, I had an exciting opportunity to travel on an evoTrip to Myoko, Japan for a week of skiing and riding with evo, LINE Skis, and a group of folks who I now call my good friends. While I traveled with my partner, Peter, who works for LINE, the majority of the other folks on the evoTrip were traveling solo or as representatives of LINE and evo. After a full week of exploring and lapping the deepest and lightest powder (you can’t even comprehend until you experience it yourself), we all left Japan with a new sense of connection to the places we skied (our Japanese “home mountains”), appreciation for our favorite meals or chair lift snacks, and new friends to visit and ski with again in the future.
Traveling on an evoTrip was amazing because it was not only organized extremely well with some of the best accommodations possible at Morino Lodge Myoko, but the folks from evo who traveled with us had invaluable insider knowledge on the best places to ski, eat, and experience Japanese ski town life, making the travel experience both convenient and full value. Visiting Japan has always been a dream of mine to experience the powder, food, and culture, but it was most importantly a chance to bond with others who share a great love of winter and mountains.
Even though we live in different places, I still keep in touch with most of my evoTrip friends I met traveling to Japan, and have even skied with some of them in Colorado and Washington. I look forward to skiing reunions this next season in Montana and California, and more turns together for many years to come. The evoTrip friendships and camaraderie were really the best part of Japan; to share with you some of our experiences, I’ve asked my new friends to comment on some of their favorite experiences, memories, and tips from our trip to Myoko.


My favorite thing about this trip? Friendships. Traveling solo was a bit intimidating, but this trip attracted like-minded people who share a true love for snow sports. Everyone's positive attitudes made for some of the most memorably days skiing. Favorite place to ski? Seki Onsen. Favorite meal and chairlift snack? Okonomiyaki in Myoko and post-skiing kebabs and sake.


Morino Lodge creates a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff who you will get to know over the week, the Akakura locals are usually legends, and then your fellow evotrip partners tend to be rad people with a shared passion. A close second here is the lodge vibe that occurs when it finally starts to dump after a couple days of sunny weather. For riding, Seki Onsen and Arai - two places that couldn’t be more different but each great. My favorite on hill meal was the ramen at the bottom of chair 4 at Suginohara; in town - kebab truck is a must. There are also vending machines at each ski area that sell both hot (or cold) coffee and beer – alternating laps with each.


My favorite part of the trip was the people, the skiing, the friends. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Favorite place to ski? Akakura Kanko. Favorite meal and chairlift snack? Sushi at Takasago and sake on the lift!


My favorite part of the trip was the Japanese culture and some good powder. Favorite place to ride? Seki Onsen. Favorite meal and chairlift snack? Ramen at Suginohara and protein bars! It was a great trip and I would do it again. Pack light and be adventurous!


My favorite part of the trip was pow tree skiing, tunnel laps, group dinners, and sharing laughs with everyone on the trip! Favorite place to ski? Akakura Kanko for powder, Suginohara for spring park laps. Favorite meal and chairlift snack? Sushi at Takasago and mini caramel-pancake sandwiches.


My favorite part of the trip? Pow, fish, and friends! The entire ski experience is amazing: light pow, unique ski areas, the lift attendants bow to you, and the food is amazing. Such a respectful and unique ski experience. Skiing off the main trails is not allowed in many ski areas, so make sure you ski fast and plead ignorance if you get caught! Favorite place to ski? Tunnel laps at Akakura Onsen/Kanko. Favorite meal and chairlift snack? Breakfasts at Morino Lodge and rice triangles.