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To create a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action sports. STOKED empowers underserved youth to reach their fullest potential, instilling passion, resilience, and determination.

Since 2005, STOKED has developed self-confidence and self-efficacy among 4,000 teens through character-defining experiences at parks, beaches, and mountains. This year they will work with 550 youth in New York, Los Angeles, and in their newest program location in Chicago. STOKED was founded with the sole purpose of empowering disadvantaged youth living in challenged communities through mentoring and action sports.

Deeply rooted in the communities they serve, STOKED works to close the opportunity gap and prepare students for what’s ahead. They believe that riding a wave, building a skateboard, and gliding down a snowy mountain can show teens that they are capable of greatness. Individual sports force kids to address fear, dig deep, and conquer by trying. By combining action sports with mentoring, college counseling and skill building, STOKED gives access to opportunity, placing kids in environments that not only challenge their perspective but also their lives.

"To me, STOKED means family. STOKED means a whole bunch of people who can come together from different backgrounds and just...we can just connect. I realized that there's so much more to STOKED than just skating. There are so many opportunities to make connections. It opened doors for me, it gave me so many connections that I can rely on when I'm looking for a job or when I need some assistance."  - Sam [STOKED Mentee]