| Denver, CO |


To reach students who have been traditionally overlooked and open doors of opportunity by engaging and mentoring youth through science education, natural resources and leadership development that provides real-life context for learning.

Focused within the greater Denver-metro area, ELK serves more than 5,000 underserved, urban youth each year through intensive programs as well as in-school/after-school programs. By working directly with the local schools, teachers, and community groups, ELK offers a wide variety of adventures that provide students opportunities to not only enjoy Colorado's natural beauty but learn stewardship and grow as individuals in the process. Through meaningful mentorship and long-term relationships, ELK offers stability and consistent support to students who range from age 5 to 25. The vision? A world in which all people are caretakers of themselves, each other, AND the natural world.

Recognizing the importance of family, ELK also offers family-based programming -- Learning Environmental Activities for Families (LEAF) -- that facilitates and encourages parents to experience the outdoors with their children. Another source of support that ELK provides is their Youth in Natural Resources (YNR) program, which offers leadership development, mentoring, and one-to-one assistance as students prepare for college. To date, they have helped secure more than $757,000 in scholarships for students to attend college.

“ELK taught me that you do not need to be rich in order to give back to your community; you do not need a $10 million dollar check in order for kids to learn and be successful. What you need is the time, dedication, love, passion, people, and the hope that one day your community will flourish and have the proper resources.”  - Cody Joseph Jackson [ELK Alumni]