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Enjoying the outdoors is a way of life, and our crew doesn't stop getting out to have fun once the snow melts. New seasons bring new opportunities to explore nature and roam with our friends, to connect with our families, and to appreciate the gear that makes our favorite memories possible. Whether you go camping for the crackle of the campfire or to wake up from your storm surge dreams to the sound of real and rideable waves is up to you. Spark some inspiration for your next adventure with some trip highlights from our team and shop from our expanded collection of gear to turn your wanderlust into reality.

Continental Divide Bikepacking // Chris, Community Marketing Manager

The timing of our trip lined up with awesome astronomical phenomena. Meteor showers to start the trip and finishing with the solar eclipse. I felt like all the planning was going to be done and nothing was going to be a surprise. But, everything was a surprise.

Chris's Camp Favorites

WA & OR Surf Road Trip // Stew, Asst. Buyer

Waves, friends, and good times. Just being free to wander. We were in no rush and had zero plans. If the waves were good, we stayed. If not, we went off exploring something new. Take advice from locals and find something new.

Stew's Camp Favorites

Backpacking Oil City to La Push // Jen, Asst. Buyer

Seeing the joy on my sister’s face when she finished... some parts were really tough! Seventeen miles for a first-timer is no small feat. Knowing she could do it beforehand and seeing her accomplish it was amazing. Nothing really beats being in nature with your closest friends and family.

Jen's Camp Favorites

Green River, UT Float Trip // Ashley, General Manager of Giving Back

It was hot and the river was running slowly so we had to work harder than we expected, but the views along the river, the joy of the kids as they splashed in the water and mud, and the tranquility of watching the sunrise on the canyon made every moment worth it.

Ashley's Camp Favorites