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Baldface Valhalla, Whitewater and Red Mountain

Baldface Valhalla: A great way to experience getting steep and deep in the Kootenays is cat skiing at Baldface Valhalla, located within minutes of downtown Nelson. The Valhalla Range is a brand new cat-ski tenure in the valley next to Baldface. You will be one of the first to explore this high alpine terrain. With 21,500 acres of terrain, and ski runs that are up to 3,000 vertical feet long, there will be plenty of fall line descents with untracked powder, chutes, cliffs and exposed lines for you to send.

Whitewater: Heading south from Nelson for approximately 14 miles, we find the legendary Whitewater ski resort. With an average temperature of 18 degrees, Whitewater is renowned for the 40ft+ of light, dry powder it receives every season. The resort's light touch on grooming, the unique topography of the mountains and the plentiful champagne powder mean that Whitewater has 2044 feet of steeps, deeps, chutes, top-to-bottom tree runs and bowls waiting to be explored. Since 1969 the development of Whitewater as a resort has always been community and volunteer driven, and the local ski hill vibes are still at the heart of the resort to this day.

Red Mountain: Traveling about 50 miles southwest of Nelson, we come to Red Mountain resort in Rossland, Canada’s oldest ski resort. The 1890 gold rush of the Monashee Mountain Range filled Rossland with miners, most of which were Scandinavian, who brought with them a love for and a knowledge of skiing. Soon after, the Rossland Ski Club was formed and the first downhill ski race was held in 1897. Ski technology advancements and chair expansions have enabled local skiers to explore a wider variety of terrain, leading us to where we are today, with a total skiable acreage of 3,850. Now Red Mountain plays host to an enormous amount of raw freeride terrain with bowls, cliffs, pillow lines and tree runs. You can even take an affordable cat ski to access the 200 acres of newly cut tree runs on Mount Kirkup.