Climbing Skins Weight Chart for Alpine Touring Skis

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2013 Ski Weights
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Ski Boot Weights
Ski Binding Weights

These charts are a constant work in progress. Check back periodically for more skin weights.

Climbing Skins Weight Chart

Skin (one skin)



Weight (g)

Cut For / Dimensions


BD Ascension 952013default336Uncut, w. backingBD/STS
BD Mohair Mix 952013default333Uncut, w. backingBD/STS
BD Mohair Pure 952013default328Uncut, w. backingBD/STS
BD Glidelite Mix 1102013default361Uncut, w. backingBD/STS
BD Ascension Split 1602013default497Uncut, w. backingBD/STS
BD Backing Paper 1402012default24Uncut, from 140 MoMix STSna
Dynafit Huascaran2013177281134 / 112 / 123Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Manaslu2013169261118 / 92 / 104 (w. backing)Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Manaslu2012178257122 / 95 / 108Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Manaslu2013187293125 / 95 / 109 (w. backing)Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Mustagh Ata SL2011169232116 / 86 / 109Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Stoke2013173300129 / 105 / 119 (w. backing)Dyna/Dyna
Dynafit Stoke/Grand Teton2014192338130 / 106 / 120 (w. backing)Dyna/Dyna
G3 Alpinist 852013180-190271Uncut, w. backingG3/G3
G3 Alpinist MoMix 1002013180-190313Uncut, w. backingG3/G3
G3 Alpinist 1152013153-163296Uncut, w. backingG3/G3
K2 Coomback2013174305135 / 102 / 121 (w. backing)K2/K2
K2 SideSeth2013174324147 / 118 / 135 (w. backing)K2/K2
K2 SideSeth2013181325147 / 118 / 135 (w. backing)K2/K2

*Weights were recorded with a MyWeigh 7001DX digital scale using an actual product sample. These values may vary from the weights listed by manufacturers. We strive to provide you with real-life accurate information for your real-life use.

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