Backcountry Gear Checklist - Avalanche Safety Gear for Skiing & Snowboarding

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Backcountry Checklist:
1. Backpack/Airbag
2. Beacon
3. Shovel - Compact to fit in your pack
4. Probe - Dedicated Avalanche Probe
5. Skins
6. Navigation equipment – Map & compass, GPS, altimeter
7. Down or synthetic jacket for insulation
8. Waterproof shell
9. Eye protection - Sunglasses & goggles
10. Warm hat
11. Food
12. Water
13. Extra gloves - Thinner and thicker
14. Extra mid layers
15. Extra base layers
16. Emergency gear - First aid kit, repair kit, bivy sack, headlamp
17. Cell phone, radio or satellite phone

Also, don't forget extra batteries for your beacon, GPS, and headlamp, and make sure you have the right size(s). If you need them, you'll also be glad you brought ski crampons and toilet paper (with "blue bag").

We recommend taking an avalanche safety course to familiarize you further with all your backcountry gear and practicing avalanche rescue techniques regularly with your riding partners. Here are some great resources for avalanche education:
American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education // American Avalanche Association // Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
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