What Is a Mashup?

A Mashup is a package; we combine two products that are commonly purchased together – skis and ski bindings, snowboards and snowboard bindings, wakeboards and wakeboard bindings, rollerblades and fanny packs, etc. Why buy a Mashup? For starters, we physically match up the product so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues… the products are a perfect match. We also give bigger discounts on Mashups. 

Will my bindings come mounted?
No, your bindings will not come mounted.  You decide where and how you mount your bindings on your skis or board.  Please have a certified technician mount and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure bindings operate safely.  
Can I purchase either item in a Mashup separately?
Sure. Just scroll down to the Details tab and click “Buy this item separately” under the product name.
Our normal hassle free return policy applies. And don’t worry, if you decide one of the items in a Mashup isn’t going to work out, don’t fret – you don’t have to return the entire setup. Simply follow the evo returns process for the one item. 
Return and exchange info
*Mashups cannot be discounted additionally through the use of any other web promotions.